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IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Maximizes the Value of Your IT Equipment

B usiness growth is something to celebrate. But as revenues grow, so too does the complexity of your organization as it tries to support and sustain that growth. And unfortunately, information technology tends to increase in complexity faster than other aspects of business infrastructure. As your sales mount and revenues climb, your workforce...
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2024 Technology Trends in Law Enforcement

The law enforcement landscape continues to evolve as we move toward 2024. Each passing year brings new hurdles and opportunities, and the coming one will undoubtedly be filled with profound shifts in work and social dynamics.
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Hotels & Resorts

Safety and Security Checklist Assessment for Hotels and Resorts

Leadership teams at successful hotels know that security is critically important. But they also know how important it is to run a hotel security program that doesn’t compromise customer service. The right tools and business practices help you do both well.
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AssetTracer Smart Lockers Get Powerful New Features in RTNHub Update

If you’re standing still, you’re falling behind. We know that’s true for our customers who want to be on the leading edge of their industries. And it’s true for us here at Real Time Networks, too. That’s why our developers have worked hard on the latest version of our RTNHub management software that powers our AssetTracer Smart Locker systems.
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Physical Security

2024 Tech Trends in Physical Security

For many businesses, local governments, and other organizations, 2023 was a welcome return to something like business as usual. The COVID pandemic was firmly in the rearview mirror, and habits around remote work and business health and safety have stabilized.
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Corporate Security

Data Center Security Best Practices: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

In the era of digital-native business, data centers have become some of the most important infrastructure an organization must maintain. These facilities are the engine rooms of modern business, safeguarding data, applications, and critical business services.
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Asset Surveillance

[Definition] What is Physical Asset Surveillance?

Perspective is everything in today's business world. Business leaders and professionals across industries understand that simple decisions can have far-reaching consequences without proper perspective. That is why getting valuable data from across your operations is so important: good data provides that necessary perspective.
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