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physical security requirements for ICT tools

Physical Security Requirements for ICT Tools

ICT is an acronym for information communication technology. In just a few short years, ICT devices have gone from luxuries to essential components of a modern workplace. They have also become crucial to educational programs at both primary and higher levels.
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asset tracking system U.K.

Purchasing Guide for Asset Tracking Systems in the U.K.

Most U.K. companies rely on expensive mobile equipment to support day-to-day operations. It’s no wonder why. Mobile electronics such as tablets, handheld scanners, and laptops put high-powered computing resources right in the field and out on the production floor where they can have the most significant impact.
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vehicle asset tracking

Vehicle Asset Tracking: The Best Way to Manage Your UK Fleet

U.K. fleet managers face many challenges. From rising fuel costs to shrinking budgets to new emissions standards complicating how you deploy older vehicles, some new challenge is always cropping up.
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iot based asset tracking system

What is an IoT-Based Asset Tracking System?

Companies in many different business sectors are implementing Internet of Things (IoT)-based asset tracking systems. They have a good reason. IoT-enabled tracking offers a great deal of value for organizations whose performance depends on the use of a large volume of mobile assets and equipment.
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evidence storage cabinets

Evidence Storage Cabinets: What to Look for Before Your Purchase

The criminal justice system depends on evidence staying in an unbroken chain of custody from a crime scene to the courtroom. Evidence storage cabinets can be useful tools for law enforcement agencies to improve how they store and manage evidence in their custody.
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iot security problems

8 IoT Security Problems Most Businesses Overlook

The consumer and business markets for Internet of Things (IoT) technology have exploded over the last 10 years. These powerful, networked, data-gathering products are overflowing with the potential to transform how we live and work.
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how to secure IoT devices

How to Secure IoT Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has transformed how businesses of all sizes operate. IoT allows SMBs and enterprises alike to collect, analyze, and act upon a high volume of business intelligence that wasn’t previously accessible using existing control and management systems.
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ways of preserving digital evidence

Preserving Digital Evidence the Right Way: Your 10-Step Guide

The storage and management of forensic evidence is an important part of the criminal justice system. Evidence management has also become a concern for private companies.
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what is industrial automation

What is Industrial Automation?

For years now, industrial automation has provided a reliable competitive advantage for businesses willing to invest in new technology. But with the Industry 4.0 revolution underway, automation is no longer an advantage; it is an essential service every business needs to stay viable.
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security visitor management system

8 Best Practices for Setting Up a Visitor Management System

Good corporate security programs need to do more than just deal with threats after they appear. A good security program helps manage the legitimate flow of assets and people in your organization in order to identify potential threats before they cause any harm.
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