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6 Reasons You Need a Remote Monitoring and Control System

By Shannon Arnold on Dec 4, 2020

As your business grows, the amount of technology, people, and equipment you need to manage grows with it. At a certain point, it is no longer cost-effective to do that management manually. More and more business sectors are turning to remote monitoring and control systems (M&C) as solutions for automating many different business operations.

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5 Critical Mobile Security Challenges & How to Solve Them

By Shannon Arnold on Nov 27, 2020

Mobile electronic devices can provide you with a large amount of insight and control over your business data and infrastructure. They are small, portable, and powerful tools that are rapidly transforming how different business sectors operate. Unfortunately, the very qualities that make them valuable to businesses also make them valuable targets for criminals.

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Industrial Automation and IoT: What Are the Benefits?

By Shannon Arnold on Nov 24, 2020

IoT is shorthand for Internet of Things, which is the latest generation of business and consumer equipment connected to the internet. These devices can communicate with each other, central computer systems, and people in your workplace. 

Sounds like IoT devices would be a perfect way to improve industrial automation. But is that always the case?

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Access Control Card Readers: How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Organization

By Shannon Arnold on Nov 13, 2020

One of the core security needs for any business is to control who can access the business’s buildings and assets. Card readers are one of the most popular choices for conducting access control. Formerly only within the reach of enterprise security budgets, new, lower-cost access control systems are increasingly the preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

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5 Tips for Selecting Asset Tracking Software for Law Enforcement

By Shannon Arnold on Nov 3, 2020

Even in the best of conditions, keeping the public safe is a difficult job. But that job is often made even more challenging for law enforcement agencies by the need to work within limited budgets, abide by evolving regulatory standards, and keep up with the shifting priorities of local governments.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Using Asset Tracking Tags

By Shannon Arnold on Oct 20, 2020

Using asset tracking tags can significantly improve how your company manages its equipment and other important assets. However, tags can’t do much by themselves. You need to put effective management technology and business processes in place around them; otherwise, they’re no more useful than a label.

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8 Tips for Effective Emergency Evacuation Planning

By Shannon Arnold on Oct 16, 2020

Your best defense against natural and man-made disasters is a reliable emergency evacuation plan. There is no way to predict every detail of every possible emergency that your business might face. An evacuation plan that is comprehensive yet flexible is the most effective way to save lives and help return your business to normal operations as fast as possible.

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6 Steps to Evaluating RFID Asset Tracking Software

By Shannon Arnold on Sep 29, 2020

An asset tracking system needs more than tags and readers to offer real value to your company. It needs to have high-performance tracking software that gives you an audit trail of:

  • Who is in possession of each asset
  • The date and time each asset was checked out
  • The date and time each asset was returned to its storage area
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[Definition] What Is a Muster Point? And Does My Company Need One?

By Shannon Arnold on Sep 25, 2020

A good emergency plan should guide every aspect of your company’s response when disaster strikes. All of those parts need to work together like a well-oiled machine to ensure the safety of your people, property, and finances.

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10 Tips for Better Fleet Management

By Shannon Arnold on Sep 23, 2020

Your business depends on your vehicles and their drivers performing at a high level. But maintaining a high level of performance all day, every day, is easier said than done.

Fleet costs per driver continue to increase 5 percent year over year. You might be able to pay for a high-performing fleet right now, but how much longer will that be the case?

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