KeyTracer Smart Key Management System

Secure and manage your facility and fleet keys with an RFID key management system.

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Over 3,000 businesses trust Real Time Networks for integrated key management solutions

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KeyTracer Intelligent Key Management System for Total Key Control

KeyTracer key management systems help organizations across all industries manage, track, and secure keys throughout day-to-day operations. With a KeyTracer system in place, your team will know where all keys are at all times, giving you the confidence that comes with knowing your assets, facilities, and vehicles are safe.


24/7 Access

Complete transaction and management services for your keys around the clock.

Flexible Key Cabinet Customization​

Organize small or large sets of keys, as well as temporary access cards and credit cards on the key card module.

Key Loss Prevention

Automated key tracking system increases accountability and reduces human error.

Intelligent Key Cabinet

Eliminate manual key tracking and virtually eliminate errors. Spend less time and capital on manual record-keeping tasks and virtually eliminate errors.

Electronic Access Control System

Ensure only authorized individuals can access your facility and fleet keys with robust role-based access control.

Lifetime Guarantee on Key Fobs

A lifetime guarantee backs KeyTracer’s key fobs because we're confident you will rarely need to replace them.

Flexible and Scalable Key Cabinet

Five cabinet sizes and a range of key panels allow KeyTracer to store large and small key sets while offering expandability for the future.

Electronic Key Cabinet With Audit Trail

Track fleet and facility keys wherever they are with a complete audit trail of every key transaction.

Integration Capabilities​ →

Unlock additional operational efficiencies by easily connecting the legacy systems your team relies on every day with RTNConnect’s powerful API.

Explore how we can enhance your operations with powerful key management solutions.

The KeyTracer Key Management Family

Gain precise key control with our flexible physical key management systems. Track key access, ensure timely returns, and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, all while being backed by our support team.


Key Location System

Real-Time Visibility into All of Your Keys

Keep your people, facilities, and assets secure with a robust key location solution that enables you to track and quickly locate lost or misplaced keys wherever they are within your facility.

Key Exit Alarm System

Keep Keys Under Your Control—Always

Prevent key theft and mitigate security breaches with a system that automatically sounds the alarm when a key is taken somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

Key Control Systems for Any Industry

The KeyTracer key management system delivers results across a variety of high-security environments. Every system is custom-built to each customer’s specific requirements.

KeyTracer Smart Components

KeyTracer’s smart software offers seamless key management with flexible user authentication options and a RFID key fob so reliable we guarantee it for life.

Unleash Intelligence

Key Management Software

A powerful, intuitive software platform that allows easy administration of your key management system, RTNCommander software is a browser-based application with a SQL backend database. RTNCommander software connects all your KeyTracer systems into one unified solution from which you can manage keys, configure settings, manage users, and program access cards and PINs.

Unleash Intelligence

Smart Access Control​ Terminal

Ensure only authorized individuals can access your keys and facilities with role-based access control.

Our terminals control access to the cabinet. An integrated card reader allows you to make use of your existing proximity access control cards, PINs, or both. We also offer biometric readers (for touchless facial and palm recognition) and mobile credentials (smartphone).​​

Multiple Authentication Options

  • PIN Codes
  • RFID Fob
  • Card Access
  • Mobile Phones
  • Palm Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
Unleash Intelligence

Smart RFID Key Fobs

KeyTracer key fobs use embedded RFID wireless sensors. Simply hold the key fob near the control terminal to initiate a return. The correct key slot instantly lights up. 

Key fobs and slots have a sturdy cylindrical design able to hold even your heaviest key ring. They can be inserted in lock slots any direction, making every key return a one-step, error-free transaction.

KeyTracer key fobs are corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, tamper-proof, and waterproof. They are reusable, virtually maintenance-free, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Watch Key Fob Stress Test
*External (W x H x D):
  • 24.8” x 11.8” x 8.3” | 33 lbs
    630 x 299 x 210 mm | 15 kg

  • 24.8” x 17” x 8.3” | 44 lbs
    630 x 432 x 210 mm | 20 kg

  • 24.8” x 26.2” x 8.3” | 57.3 lbs
    630 x 666 x 210 mm | 26 kg

  • 24.8” x 49.3” x 8.3” | 132.3 lbs
    630 x 1252 x 210 mm | 60 kg

  • 24.8” x 75.6” x 8.3” / 154.3 lbs
    630 x 1920 x 210 mm / 70 kg

Key Panels Options

  • 8-key-module_icon_3

    8 Key Module

    Up to 8 key rings, with support for long sets.
  • 16-key-module_icon_2

    16 Key Module

    Up to 16 key rings, better for larger sets.
  • 16-Wide-Key-Module-2

    16 Wide Key Module

    Up to 16 key rings, with support for long sets.
  • 32-Key-Module_icon_1

    32 Key Module

    Up to 32 key rings, better for smaller sets.

Access Control Terminal Options


KTA+ Terminal (C4)

  • Easy operation
  • Multi-Technology reader for user identification
  • Quick key return via 125 kHz reader
  • Intelligent power management
  • Illuminated keypad and display

KTA Touch+ Terminal (C6)

  • Comfortable to use via 5.7” touch display
  • Multi-Technology reader for user identification
  • Quick key return via 125 kHz reader
  • Network and stand-alone capable
  • Supports UNICODE

Why Choose Real Time Networks

System Integrations​
Unlock additional operational efficiencies by easily connecting the legacy systems your team relies on every day with RTNHub’s open API.
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Customer Support​
We support customers through our RealCare Program. Our qualified customer care professionals are ready to provide world-class customer support.
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Our modular design enables your organization to build a customized solution. Do you have any special requirements? We custom build on request.
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