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Streamline Operations and Enhance Security with Our Smart Armory Management Systems

Smart Armory Management System - AssetTracer AT Series
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Completely customizable smart storage

Mix and match different-sized compartments to build an AT Series physical asset management system that fits your law enforcement agency’s needs. Suitable for individualized control over two-way radios, laptops, side arms, long guns, and other law enforcement equipment. AT Series lockers can also function as single-sided or two-way evidence lockers with detailed chain-of-custody tracking.
Smart Armory Management System - Weapons Locker - AssetTracer UT Series
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Smart Armory Management & Rugged Adaptable Storage

Industrial-grade smart lockers engineered for heavy use. UT Series lockers can take a beating but still give law enforcement personnel easy access to firearms, LTL weapons, PPE, and tactical gear.

See How Law Enforcement Agencies Use Our Technology

AssetTracer AT and UT lockers are scalable RFID weapons management solutions that enable you to track, manage, and store weapons and tactical gear. You can customize them to support your agency’s unique workflows.

What are AssetTracer™ AT Customizable Weapons Lockers?

AssetTracer AT Series lockers are storage lockers that protect weapons and tactical gear and track how and when they’re used. Flexible by design, you can create a weapons storage and management solution that meets your law enforcement agency’s unique requirements while managing and tracking weapons across your jurisdiction and ensuring only authorized individuals can access them. They also charge all your electronic devices right in the lockers, so they’re always ready.

AssetTracer AT Series Smart Locker for Law Enforcement agencies to store weapons, police gear, evidence and tactical equipment.
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Customized to Your Needs

  • Adaptable hardware and software designs we tailor to your agency’s needs
  • Modular lockers stack together to fit any mix of firearms, long guns, LTLs, and other weaponry
  • RTN’s responsive design team customizes RTNHub management software to work the way you need to work
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Make Operations More Efficient

  • Automated recordkeeping eliminates time-consuming manual data entry
  • Fast, automated transactions get personnel weapons they need for routine operations, and emergency unlocks get teams everything fast for urgent response efforts, even if there is a power outage
  • Content surveillance verifies the identity of tracked equipment, including kit components
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Enable Your Police Force

  • Smart automation technology gives law enforcement agencies the control they need to protect their weapons
  • Easy-to-use design enables your police force to get the weapons they need fast for better incident response
  • Better workforce enablement makes your officers more effective at their jobs
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Better Accountability

  • Every transaction electronically recorded
  • Use your choice of authentication method, including multi-factor authentication
  • Instant alerts if weapons are not returned on time

What are AssetTracer™ UT Rugged Weapons Lockers?

AssetTracer UT Series lockers fit all your weapons and tactical gear for better security and easier access. Their all-welded steel design stands up to the toughest workplaces and holds all of the gear you need. UT Series lockers combine rugged design with Real Time Networks’ advanced smart management system. RFID tracking verifies which gear is taken and returned in real time, so everything is always accounted for.

AssetTracer UT Series Weapon Management Lockers for Law Enforcement Armories
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Gain Real-Time Insights

  • Modern web-based management dashboard updates in real time
  • Track weapons access and calibration issues in every weapons locker in your organization
  • See who has which weapons signed out in just a couple of clicks
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Better Accountability

  • Every transaction electronically recorded
  • Use your choice of authentication method, including multi-factor authentication
  • RFID tracking tells you instantly which weapons personnel take or return from UT lockers
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Manage Centrally, Operates Anywhere

  • Weapons lockers at offices throughout your jurisdiction connect to a single remote management dashboard
  • Issue emergency unlocks anywhere, from headquarters or home, through a secure connection
  • Cut unnecessary overtime driving to remote offices to manage weapons access and oversee servicing
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Automate Time-Consuming Work

  • Automate tedious weapons transaction logging and recordkeeping
  • Redirect work hours to meaningful law enforcement activities instead of paperwork and administration
  • Generate reports on weapons use and servicing histories in seconds