Powerful key, asset, and workplace security solutions

Since 1989, Real Time Networks has helped organizations gain more control over their keys and assets while ensuring their people are safe and accounted for.


Real-time location and tracking solutions for all industries

Real Time Networks offers powerful key and asset management systems and workplace safety solutions developed by in-house experts. Our robust technology is backed by our unrivaled customer service and end-to-end support offerings.


Staying on the cutting-edge of real-time location management

For more than 30 years, Real Time Networks has developed a suite of real-time location solutions that enable organizations like yours to manage, track, and store keys, assets, and other sensitive items. In 2013, through a joint venture with a partner based in the UK, we expanded to solutions for personnel, and we’ve been innovating ever since.


Tightly-integrated security solutions

Real Time Networks offers more than standalone key, asset, and personnel safety solutions. With the release of RTNHub, customers have access to a tightly-integrated security solution that will drive their business into the future while enabling them to protect assets, keys, and people, streamline operations, and ensure optimal use of their vehicles, equipment, and devices.