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Asset Tracking and Key Control Systems

Superior Control Over Keys and Assets.

As an Owner, Engineer or Loss Prevention Manager… you’ll be dealing with a lot of keys and valuable assets, such as two-way radios and electronic devices. You need a solution to track and manage the constant exchange of keys with staff, cleaning crews and contractors.

Total Control

Tailor the access of your Keys and Assets to specific staff members or groups. Particular keys within the cabinet will be locked so only required keys can be removed. The system will log the exact time a key is accessed and the name of the individual who accessed it. Set email alerts for when keys are accessed. Grant access to keys remotely if a manager is off-site and another staff member needs keys. You can even set up an alarm that will sound if someone attempts to remove a key from the premises.


Our solutions combine reliable security hardware with cutting edge software and real-time location applications. They’re custom-designed and built exactly to your facility’s needs. They provide industry-leading protection for your facility, assets and everyone inside.

Demonstrated Return on Investment

Reduce the amount of time spent filling in sign out sheets, trading keys, radios and electronics between staff, and locating lost items. Automate your key and asset access so staff can operate quicker and more effectively.


We design totally integrated security solutions. Easily manage all of your property's security systems through a centralized, browser-based dashboard. Generate custom reports for any group or franchise’s audit needs.

Dedicated Support

We offer full life-cycle service. From your initial consultation, to customized installation, to on-site training for your personnel. This is followed by ongoing 24/7 phone support and on-site support.


Key Cabinet Systems

  • Real-time, automated transaction logging
  • Key ring selections light up for rapid identification
  • RFID technology is maintenance-free, with a lifetime guarantee on key fobs
  • Automated alerts can be relayed to your alarms, and distributed via email and text
  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Our Key Location System automatically detects keys within 5 meters (16 feet) of hidden sensors, so that you can locate critical keys at any time.

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Smart Lockers

Secure, manage, and track use of electronic devices and panic alarm buttons. Know who has which device at all times and ensure they are returned at the end of each shift.
  • Automated transaction logging eliminates unnecessary staffing and record keeping
  • Ready two-way radios, laptops, and iPads with built-in charging ports
  • Automated alerts can be distributed via email and text
  • Customize and schedule access by department, job type or for individual staff members

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