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Real Time Networks helps the world’s most impressive hotels and resorts unlock their full potential.

Improve the guest experience

Spend less time looking for keys and equipment and more time on ensuring your guests have unforgettable stays.

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Secure your assets

Store, charge, and track laptops, tablets, smartphones, two-way radios, and other equipment in intelligent lockers to give you peace of mind and extend your budget.

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Reduce operating expenses

Eliminate unnecessary rekeying expenses and reclaim time otherwise spent trying to track down misplaced keys.

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Future-proof your business

Add additional smart lockers as you scale and adjust your key control system to keep pace with your business as your needs change.

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RFID Key management solutions designed for today’s most prestigious hotels and resorts.

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Key Control

Maintain complete control over keys by only permitting authorized individuals to access them

Key/Equipment Tracking

Manage, track, and charge electronic devices used by housekeeping, security, and service staff

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Real-Time Notifications

Receive alerts when keys are not returned


Smart lockers that automate processes around securing, managing, charging, and tracking use of electronic devices and panic alarm buttons.

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Asset Tracking

Know who has which device at all times and ensure they are returned at the end of the shift

Workflow Automation

Streamline staff workflows to eliminate unnecessary record keeping and enable employees to focus more intently on improving the guest experience

Process Control Improvement

Create customized schedules to permit and restrict access to keys and items as needed

Intelligent Lockers

Make sure that two-way radios, laptops, iPads, and other devices are ready to go with built-in charging ports

Leave key control and asset management to us so you can focus on giving your guests the best experience possible.

Real Time Networks enables you to keep track of the most important things in real time — from any device.