KeyTracer and AssetTracer

Comprehensive workflow automation capabilities that enable your organization to bake efficiency into every process that revolves around keys and assets.

Reduce human error

Reduce human error by leveraging key and asset tracking technology to take care of repeatable processes and tasks

Improve reporting accuracy

Improve the accuracy of your reporting while verifying assets in real time to ensure compliance

Integrate systems

Integrate key control, asset lockers and personnel safety solutions with your legacy business systems to unlock additional productivity gains

Keep chain of custody intact

Keep chain of custody intact throughout each transaction without having to fill out paperwork

Free your team from monotonous tasks and enable them to focus on the most important things.

Increase team productivity

Use technology to take care of repetitive tasks and let your entire team invest their energy on other important areas of operations instead.

Improve reporting accuracy

Remove human error from the equation altogether using workflow automation to enhance real-time reporting capabilities and ensure compliance.

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Keep track of assets and keys

Let managers manage and monitor assets and keys from any connected device instead of having to thumb through lockers and key storage areas manually.

Automate surveys and data capture

Prompt users to answer custom questions that align with your internal processes during each key or asset transaction—straight from the smart terminal on your cabinet or locker—to increase business intelligence.

Reduce operating expenses

Eliminate unnecessary rekeying and replacement costs by keeping your fingers on the pulse of the real-time status of your most important assets.

Make work more enjoyable

Improve employee engagement and satisfaction by taking routine tasks off your team’s plate and enabling them to focus on more challenging activities.

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