Workflow Automation

Accelerate Your Business Operations With Powerful New Automation Tools

Unlock your company’s potential by automating time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive workflows. Free up resources sunk into tedious administrative and compliance work and turn them to more profit-generating tasks.

The Value of Workflow Automation

  • Get accurate reporting when you verify regulated assets in real-time
  • Streamline tech support by folding problem reporting into your asset transaction process
  • Reduce human error in any related process by building workflow checklists into key and asset transactions
  • Simplify end-to-end management by integrating business and security systems
  • Maximize availability by switching to electronic systems online 24/7

Our KeyTracer and AssetTracer systems are whole-business tools. An array of powerful new workflows can be built on top of these easy-to-use key and asset management tools. Your equipment and bare metal keys become the centerpieces of robust, flexible activities that also generate valuable business intelligence.

Kit Component Checks

Get smart content surveillance. Use wireless readers built right into smart lockers combined with RFID tags attached to critical equipment to automatically track and verify equipment during transactions. Even verify every item in a sealed case as it’s signed out or returned. Like radar kits for law enforcement or EMT kits. No more time-consuming, manual checks carried out by an equipment manager, it’s all handled by the storage system itself.


Chain of Custody

Embed asset tags right into critical equipment for verified chain of custody, end-to-end, through highly sensitive workflows. Like monitoring food prep knives and other regulated service materials at airports. Or guard duty weapons at correctional facilities. Using an AssetTracer smart locker system, you get live confirmation that these critical items are where they need to be, when they need to be.

Service Workflows

Smart lockers are individually programmable. That means different lockers can be set to trigger different alerts when items are placed in them. So while most of your lockers can manage their contents standardized, you can configure special lockers for workflows like material refills or tech support. For example, you can create a ‘repair’ locker. Staff can log a laptop or other mobile device as damaged on return and place it in that locker. IT instantly gets problem reports sent to them, no extra steps needed.

With the KeyTracer system's fleet management features, users can enter fault codes when returning vehicle keys, which will trigger a service workflow for the vehicle.


Compliance Reporting


Those service workflows can feed right into your customized compliance reporting logs too. You get live data, and direct alerts from staff when needed, if regulated materials are lost, damaged, or running low. For example, configure checklists on smart terminals at asset return requiring staff to confirm levels of sensitive materials, like doses in EMT medical kits. These checklist confirmations feed directly into your customized reports. Staff are held accountable and you stay compliant

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