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Posts about Evidence Management

Evidence Storage Cabinets: What to Look for Before Your Purchase

The criminal justice system depends on evidence staying in an unbroken chain of custody from a crime scene to the courtroom. Evidence storage cabinets can be useful tools for law enforcement agencies...

Preserving Digital Evidence the Right Way: Your 10-Step Guide

The storage and management of forensic evidence is an important part of the criminal justice system. Evidence management has also become a concern for private companies.

6 Ways Organizations Use Secure Locker Systems

Secure locker systems are deceptively powerful business tools. They can be used for much more than just secure storage, although they’re pretty good at that job, too.

5 Best Practices for Evidence Management

In the US, Canada, and across the world, stories of mishandled criminal evidence are all too common. Each case further erodes the public’s trust in the criminal justice system.