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Posts about Accountability

The Importance of Physical Key Management

It may seem obvious, but if physical keys give access to your organization’s important spaces, assets, and people, they should get just as much protection as those spaces, assets, and people.

How Industries Use Smart Lockers to Secure and Manage Valuable Assets

Asset lockers sound like straightforward security products. You put valuable equipment in, only authorized users can take the equipment back out, end of story. However, when you add in smart...

20 Reasons Why Law Enforcement Agencies Are Using Smart Lockers

Law enforcement personnel use a wide range of equipment and other materials in their day-to-day jobs. Many of those assets are necessary for resolving literal life or death situations. That means...

The Real Cost of Business Theft and 12 Ways to Prevent It

Theft is something companies of every size have to contend with. Of course, the specific nature of that theft will vary business-to-business, but there are important underlying patterns every company...

Manage Firefighter Tools The Easy Way

Most civilians don’t appreciate just how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep fire departments organized and ready. The firefighting heroics in movies and on TV shape their perceptions. They...

Our Top 6 Creative Smart Locker Solutions

There’s a reason that we call our asset lockers ‘smart lockers’. When people think ‘asset locker’ they often just envision storage space. But they can be much more.