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What Is the KeyTracer Key Exit Alarm System?

The KeyTracer Key Exit Alarm System is a digital solution that enables your organization to exert precise control over all of your keys. Using RFID technology, you’ll receive automatic notifications when someone takes a key into an unauthorized area or approaches a door exit.

What Does a Key Exit Alarm System Do?

The KeyTracer Key Exit Alarm System gives you a fail-proof system that protects you against the risks of key compromise, while delivering a low cost of ownership over many years. Not only can the Key Exit Alarm System keep your team safe, but it can also protect your profitability while delivering full key accountability across the entire organization.

Key Exit Alarm System Benefits

control access
Control Access

Make sure only authorized individuals have access to facilities, sensitive rooms, and important assets.

improve accountability
Improve Accountability

Ensure that critical keys never leave the building.

increase productivity
Increase Productivity

Manage, track, and monitor key location using automation and spend more time focusing on other important areas of operations.

protect margins
Protect Margins

Eliminate unnecessary rekeying expenses and asset replacement costs to protect your bottom line.

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The peace of mind that comes with knowing your keys are always under your control.

Automatic Alarms

Receive real-time notifications and hear audible alarms when keys approach exits or leave authorized areas, thanks to RFID technology that wirelessly detects key tags.

Automatic alarms
Audit Trails

Combined with key control cabinets, you can keep track of who took what key and when with built-in audit trail capabilities and automatic logging of every transaction.

Audit trails
Rapid Implementation

Get up and running quickly with a system installed by our professional technicians and customized to meet your unique needs.

Rapid implementation
High-Security Solution

Leverage a flexible solution that’s designed for gaming, government, and corrections institutions, and supports multiple security zones.

high security solution
Unrivaled Customer Support

Get dedicated help whenever you need it via a toll-free number, customer portal, or live chat.

How We Help


Build the perfect system for your needs with custom applications and the ability to customize read range up to 100 meters for greater reliability and accuracy.

Powerful Reporting

Create custom reports to query any user, key ring, alarm, or transaction from any date range.

Powerful reporting

“(...) real-time reports and alerts allow us to track the whereabouts of keys in real-time. I can set up alerts that allow me to track the issue and return of specific key sets. I can also restrict or remove access to one or more key sets remotely, which saves time.”

Parc Olympique

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