Door Exit Alarm System for Keys

Ensure that sensitive keys never leave the building.

Prevent Key Theft & Security Breaches

KeyTracer's Key Exit System sends real-time notifications and activates audible exit alarms if a key is taken outside of its authorized area. Key theft is not only a safety risk, but asset loss and re-keying your facility is extremely costly. Put a stop to key theft today.

  • Avoid threats to the security of your facility and its occupants
  • Prevent the unintentional removal of a key
  • Prevent key theft in your facility

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Why choose KeyTracer?

Door Exit Alarms

The door alarm will alert you if a key is being taken outside of the authorized area. If your key approaches a door exit, a warning will sound.

Multiple Security Zones

Easily set up multiple security zones for automated tracking of keys.

Real-Time Alerts

Automatically generates and sends alerts to a computer or smart phone if a key is taken out of an authorized area or a facility.

Automatic Detection

RFID receivers automatically and wirelessly detect keytags within 3-16 feet.

Automatic Data Transfer

Control center automatically receives ID for all keytags within range of receivers.

Customer Support You Can Count On

Dedicated toll-free telephone support line, online chat & customer portal.

Professional Installation

System installed by our own experienced technicians.

Custom Implementation

Customization: We can customize applications to fit specific customer needs and requirements.

Enterprise Level SQL Database: Multiple systems can be connected to a single secure SQL database across LAN/WAN.

RTNHub Software: Web-based user interface allows administrators to access reports and functions from any web browser on the network.

Custom Reports: Query any user, key ring, alarm or transaction for any date range, then export reports to any format.

Monitor key location and know if a key is taken outside an authorized area

The Key Exit System uses RFID technology to send information to wireless receivers located at door exits. The receivers relay the data to the software, providing real-time notification when a key is taken outside of an area or a facility.


Real Time Networks offers:

  • Extensive customer support 
  • Easy-to-use web-based software
  • Real-time audit records of key transactions
  • Full battery back-up system
  • Alarm relay connections and email notifications

RFID Technology

  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Save time and money with no keytag replacement or repair costs
  • Real-time key transaction recording
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced keys resulting in expensive lost man hours and unnecessary added stress


Our Key Exit System is fully compatible with Real Time Networks' solutions.

  • Key Management Systems
  • Electronic Lockers
  • Key Location Systems
  • Fleet Management Systems

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