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Key Management & Safety Solutions for Fleets

Track and manage your vehicle keys using secure, automated key lockers. Allow drivers to schedule vehicle use. Remotely manage maintenance and inspection schedules. Get real-time insights on damage and driver performance issues.

Streamline Your Fleet Management Process with Real Time Networks' Cutting-Edge Solutions

Is manually managing your fleet too inefficient? Are you having trouble getting data on how often staff use different vehicles? Real Time Networks' key and fleet safety solutions give you powerful tools to efficiently and effectively manage your fleet.

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Asset Tracking & Management

AssetTracer smart lockers offer secure storage and automated tracking for any kit your drivers need to take on the job. Charge laptops, tablets, and radios so they’re always ready for the next driver. Tag and scan each kit component, so drivers and fleet managers know everything is present to do the job. 

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Fleet Key Tracking & Management 

Drivers can reserve and sign out vehicle keys independently without needing a fleet manager. Only the keys you authorize each driver to access will unlock for them, and electronic tracking confirms every key is always accounted for. Drivers can reserve vehicles and report damage from a convenient self-service web dashboard. 

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Smart Storage Lockers

AssetTracer smart lockers are bespoke storage and equipment management systems. Customize their layout to hold any equipment your drivers, mechanics, or other users might have.


Features & Benefits

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Customized to Your
Facility’s Needs

  • Bespoke hardware and software design
  • Modular lockers stack and assemble to hold the exact configurations of gear you need
  • Software dashboard includes powerful user and equipment management tools
  • RTN engineers can customize reports to your specifications
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Round the Clock Device
Availability for Your Drivers

  • Give your drivers working late shifts or on the weekend an easy way to sign out toolkits, electronics, and other expensive gear you want to keep safe
  • In-locker equipment surveillance monitors devices to verify everything is properly signed out and returned
  • Present drivers with a checklist at sign out or return to collect information about equipment and vehicles any time of day
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Enable Your Drivers
to Do More

  • Smart automation technology gives fleet managers with any sized fleet or equipment inventory the control they need to protect sensitive devices
  • Easy-to-use locker and access terminal design enables your drivers to get the devices they need when they need them
  • Better workforce enablement makes your staff more effective at their jobs
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Make Operations More Efficient

  • Eliminate manual data entry thanks to automated transaction logging and checklist prompts to users at signout and return
  • Modern equipment surveillance technology monitors each stored item and ensures users only take requested equipment from multi-use compartments
  • Tag and track each component within equipment kits, scan each component simultaneously
  • Integrated charging ports ensure all electronics are ready when they’re needed
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Prevent Losses

  • The smart access terminal offers users an easy way to report issues at signout or return
  • Content surveillance improves accountability for damaged gear and empty consumable containers
  • Error-free transaction logging gives you a detailed report of who has what equipment signed out
  • Real-time reporting for all late equipment returns
  • Save work hours spent tracking down misplaced gear

Fleet Key Management System

A KeyTracer fleet key system allows drivers to easily and securely sign out vehicle keys when needed. You can assign customized key permissions to individuals, work details, or departments. Those personnel can sign out permitted keys any time they need and reserve keys easily from a PC, phone, or tablet using a secure login.


Features & Benefits

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Easy & Efficient Key Transactions

  • Authenticate using the access control of your choice, including PIN code, swipe card, or biometrics
  • Personnel securely sign keys in and out in seconds, without a fleet manager needing to be present
  • Rotate vehicle sign-outs randomly, by longest held first, or in the order you choose, to distribute wear-and-tear across your entire vehicle fleet
  • Automatically lock fleet keys out of circulation when a user reports vehicle damage
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Central Key Management
for All Key Lockers

  • Manage every key, user, and locker in your organization from a single remote management dashboard
  • Access it anywhere you need over a secure web connection from a PC, phone, or tablet
  • Issue emergency unlocks anywhere, from headquarters or home
  • Cut unnecessary overtime driving to remote offices to manage vehicles and keys
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Gain Insights in
Real Time

  • Modern web-based management dashboard updates instantaneously with every transaction, error report, and more
  • Track performance and issues across every installed key locker in your organization
  • See who has which keys signed out in just a couple of clicks
  • Secure, web-based access from anywhere
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Prevent Key Loss

  • Advanced RFID key tracking ensures the right keys are taken and returned every single time
  • Error-free tracking greatly reduces the chances for keys to be misplaced during transactions
  • Supervisors can receive instant alerts when keys are overdue for a return
  • Avoid unnecessary rekeying expenses
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Durable and Reliable

  • RFID key fobs are solid state electronics and come with a lifetime warranty
  • Key fobs also have a cylindrical design, so there’s no wrong way for your users to slot them back into the cabinet
  • Key cabinets are made from 18-gauge steel
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Enhance Your Staff’s

  • Every transaction electronically recorded
  • Complete, detailed records of who signed out which keys when
  • Instant alerts if keys are not returned on time

Comprehensive key and fleet management has never been so simple

Give your employees a reliable, error-free way to get fleet keys anytime they need them. Automated self-service access any time of day or night. Electronic key, asset, and personnel monitoring ensures you always know where your organization's most valuable assets are.

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