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Today’s most effective transportation and logistics companies rely on Real Time Networks to keep their fleets, payloads, and people safe.

Know where your keys are—always

Stay on top of the real-time location of all of your keys to ensure staff members return keys on a consistent basis and otherwise maintain smooth operations.

Protect your fleet

Make sure drivers use every vehicle—not just the newest ones—to more effectively manage vehicle usage and extend the life of your fleet. Optimize the number of vehicles in your fleet to ensure smooth operations and generate cost savings.

Protect your drivers

Guarantee driver certifications stay up to date, prevent unauthorized individuals from getting into vehicles, and keep drivers out of dangerous vehicles with automatic fault code and mileage logging.

Reduce operating expenses

Eliminate unnecessary rekeying expenses and reclaim time otherwise spent trying to find misplaced keys.

Keep your team in the loop

Empower drivers to reserve vehicle keys via any device, notify them via email when keys are unavailable, and use web-based software to manage users and access.


An end-to-end key management solution designed for air, rail, bus, and marine transportation companies.

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Transactions are logged automatically, ensuring that keys are where they’re supposed to be and to provide a full audit trail of keys

Receive automated alerts and alarms when keys aren’t returned on time

Prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your vehicles and facilities

Choose between various levels of access control, including fingerprints, proximity cards, PIN codes, and more

Maximize your investment with RFID key fobs that have a lifetime warranty and no cleaning required


Electronic asset lockers that enable your organization to securely store radios, GPS units, and other expensive electronics.

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Secure, manage and track equipment usage effortlessly. 

Ensure devices are ready to go with built-in charging ports

Employee Safety

Monitor the real-time status of guards and lone workers to make sure your team is safe and on track.

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Let your guards focus on their tour with automated checkpoint logging.

Identify security guard locations rapidly for accelerated incident response

Build detailed reports to ensure compliance with relevant policies and regulations

Getting your transportation company to the next level starts with optimizing key management.

Real Time Networks gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your fleet and your facilities are protected at all times.


The average person spends 30 minutes a week looking for their own keys. What does that mean for your entire fleet?

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