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Whether you’re dealing with a fleet of 50, 100, or even 1000 vehicles, maintaining control of your vehicle keys of the utmost importance. Fleets have a number of staff members taking and returning keys on a constant basis, and without a good Key Management System, things can quickly turn into chaos.

With our the KeyTracer software, you not only control keys, but vehicle access entirely. You can manage vehicle usage, schedule access to certain vehicles and make sure all vehicles in the fleet are utilized. Many fleet managers struggle with staff only grabbing the newest vehicles—leaving those with a bit of age relatively untouched. You can customize your key system to cycle through keys, only giving access to certain vehicles in the fleet which can translate to significant cost savings in the long run.

Customized Solutions

Our solutions for transportation agencies (including air, rail, buses, and marine) and commercial fleet management combine reliable security hardware with cutting edge real-time software applications. Our solutions are custom-designed to give you maximum control over your assets, keys, vehicle fleet, and personnel.

Real Time Networks fleet management system offers the following features:

Set reservation period: Reserve vehicle keys for defined periods, then view key reservations in a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar format for all vehicle keys or only one in particular.

PC or smart phone access: Reserve vehicle keys via a PC or smart phone with a unique login. (Reservations are not recognized by the system until approved by system administrator.)

Email notifications: Inform users via email if a vehicle key is not available for specified reservation period.

Web-based software: Edit users and access, and view real-time reporting from anywhere and at any time.

License monitoring: Automatic warnings are sent to users with licenses close to expiring. If a user’s license is invalid, the system will not allow the user to access vehicle keys.

Mileage logging: Enforces the reporting of vehicle mileage upon vehicle key return.

Fault code logging: Enforces the reporting of vehicle defects upon the return of a vehicle’s key. If the vehicle is deemed dangerous to drive, the system will not allow users to access its keys.

Issue code logging: To access a vehicle’s keys, a user must enter a unique code defining why the vehicle is needed. The code is recorded in the fleet management system software for reporting.

Automatic alerts: Sends alerts to managers, accessible via PC or smart phone when a vehicle key is not returned on time.

Fully Integrated

We design fully integrated security and access control solutions. Easily coordinate all of your security systems through a secure, browser-based dashboard. You’ll have access to a 360 view of all of your keys and assets, including location, reports and alerts. Generate customizable reports for all audit and compliance needs.

Dedicated Support

We offer full life-cycle service. From your initial consultation, to customized installation, to on-site training for your personnel. This is followed by ongoing 24/7 phone support and on-site support.


Key Control & Fleet Management

  • Key selections light up for faster and easier transactions
  • Automated transaction logging ensures keys are always accounted for, cutting unnecessary re-keying or vehicle downtime
  • Automated alerts can trigger alarms, emails, or texts if keys are not returned at the end of shifts
  • Manage who has access to your facilities and fleet through a central browser-based application
  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Sturdy and expandable key cabinets are cost-effective and suitable for any sized fleet
  • Simplify key reservations and centralize vehicle availability in a calendar view

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Electronic Asset Lockers

  • Securely store radios, GPS units, and other expensive electronics
  • Touchless RFID tag access allows rapid issue and return to keep staff working efficiently
  • Automated transaction logging eliminates unnecessary inventory management
  • Ready portable radios and other electronics with built-in charging ports
  • Protect heat-sensitive equipment with an integrated cooling system
  • Customize access by route, job type, or individual duty

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Guard Tour Systems

  • Monitor patrols in real time for total awareness of your facility’s security presence
  • Automated checkpoint logging lets guards focus on protecting your fleet
  • RFID technology is usable in high-security motor pools
  • Rapidly identify security guard locations for incident response
  • Customizable alerts if guards miss check-in times or do not complete tours
  • Builds detailed reports suitable for any jurisdiction’s compliance policies

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