Police Gear Lockers

Secure storage for gun pools, Tasers, two-way radios, body cameras


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The AssetTracer intelligent locker solution offers secure storage cabinets with automated auditing and reporting.

Control who can access each item in the locker, restrict when they can be taken, automate weight checks for pepper spray auditing and regulations and ensure that equipment is fully charged before it can be taken.  

Our electronic storage system allows you to manage access to firearms, tasers and police gear efficiently, while ensuring accountability. 

  • Efficient and secure gun pool management
  • Automated asset tracking and weight checks for OC spray cans 
  • Secure storage for body cameras
  • Weapon lockers, long gun lockers, Taser storage
  • Police gear lockers
  • Ability to store, track, and charge multiple items, like radios and tasers per compartment to save space

Police Locker Features & Benefits

  • A range of compartment sizes, charging options, optional scales and asset tagging makes our solution adaptable to secure, manage and track any type of asset
  • Heavy duty metal lockers made of 16 gauge steel
  • Methods of authentication: PIN, Prox cards, biometric readers, IrisID and smart phone
  • Emergency opening feature
  • Optimized for daily use and designed for rugged operation
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Assign access to items by user and time frame
  • Asset tracking with in-locker surveillance allows each asset to be individually identified and tracked by the system
  • Optional power charging in each compartment
  • Eliminate downtime wasted on locating items and manual administration time
  • Modular framework allows to combine different compartment sizes in a single locker system
  • Steel door or clear door options
  • Compliance reporting, audit reports and event reports available in RTNHub software in real time

Compartment sizes


Long gun locker


Firearm Secure Storage & Taser Lockers


Two-Way Radios, Police Gear and Body Cameras


Smart Asset Lockers Product Sheet

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