Protect Your Criminal Evidence with AssetTracer Smart Lockers for a Secure Chain of Custody

Maintaining a proper chain of custody for investigations 24/7 is a challenging task. Criminal cases are on the line if evidence is mishandled. Use AssetTracer evidence lockers to maintain a chain of custody around the clock, even when evidence custodians are away.

Our Evidence Management Solution

AssetTracer Smart Evidence Lockers

Automated evidence deposits are available around the clock. Refrigerated storage for biological sample collection and other temperature-sensitive evidence. Content surveillance and charging to monitor mobile devices holding digital evidence.

Evidence Management Locker Use Cases

  • Keyless pass-through

    Lockers are mounted into the wall, so evidence passes from officers on one side to evidence managers in your storage facility on the other
  • One-side evidence deposit

    All personnel securely deposit and retrieve evidence from the same doors. Only authorized personnel can retrieve evidence.

AssetTracer Smart Evidence Locker Systems

AssetTracer smart lockers are modular storage and asset management systems. They protect evidence 24/7 and charge stored devices holding digital evidence. Use the access method of your choice officers, detectives, and technicians easy access to evidence deposits. Keep a better chain of custody from the crime scene all the way to court.

24-7 Evidence Management Icon

24/7 Evidence Deposits

  • Automated evidence logging and secure deposits are available around the clock—no need to wait for evidence custodians to come on duty
  • Content surveillance and charging to monitor mobile devices holding digital evidence
  • Refrigerated storage for biological sample collection
Evidence Management Chain of Custody Icon

Maintain a Better Chain of Custody

  • Automated, detailed logging ensures you maintain a chain of custody for deposited evidence at any time of day or night
  • Refrigerated storage compartments ensure biological samples and other sensitive evidence remain viable
  • Content surveillance USB cords charge and monitor mobile devices held as evidence
Mobile Device Evidence Storage Icon

Maintain Mobile Devices Holding Digital Evidence

  • Keep devices charged when idle, maintain their on or off state for proper forensic storage
  • Ventilated compartment design can help keep power-on devices at working temperatures
  • Keep digital evidence viable until forensic analysts come on duty
Customizable Solution Icon

Customized for Your Agency’s Needs

  • Suitable for any-sized law enforcement office, fire department, or District Attorney’s office
  • Adaptable hardware and software design fit your workflows
  • Modular lockers stack and assemble to hold the exact configurations of evidence and other gear you need
  • Adaptable software that can be customized to your needs by RTN’s responsive design team
Operations Efficiency Icon

Make Operations More Efficient

  • Automated logging eliminates time-consuming manual data entry
  • Integrate with your existing access control system for easy and efficient transactions
  • Add cameras to access control terminals for better accountability as evidence deposit
Workforce Enablement Icon

Enable Your Police Force

  • Smart automation technology gives law enforcement agencies the control they need to protect sensitive evidence and assets
  • Easy-to-use design enables your police force to deposit evidence whenever they want, with no waiting around for personnel to come on duty
  • Better workforce enablement makes your officers more effective at their jobs

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Automate your evidence transactions safely and securely for better chain-of-custody

Allow your law enforcement personnel to deposit evidence independently, anytime, without sacrificing security or accountability. Monitor evidence transactions in detailed logs, even in real-time, so you always know the status of important criminal evidence.