Secure Storage

Control and Protect Your Company’s Valuable Equipment

Get complete security for critical assets in your organization. Restrict access exactly as you need.
By individual personnel or group, by asset, and only at the times you specify.

The Value of Secure Storage

  • Comprehensive control through detailed access restrictions that are electronically enforced 24/7
  • Prevent unplanned asset removal from disrupting work with digital reservation tools
  • Instant insight into which assets are secured and which are in use, at the click of a button
  • Customizable curfews alert you the instant an asset is overdue
  • Keep access simple choosing from multiple authentication options that work with your existing security systems
  • Reliable security and business management through 3rd party integration
  • Detailed reporting keeps your business compliant

Storage Tools for More Responsible Business

Getting to a higher level of business performance requires precision control over your people, facilities, and equipment. Using a ‘smart’ secure storage system to manage your workflows is one way to do that. Your business becomes more efficient, your equipment is better secured, and your people become more responsible. You get detailed control over equipment distribution without the usual manual effort and overhead costs.

Powerful Content Surveillance

Real Time Networks’ line of AssetTracer smart lockers give you all the tools you need to safely, securely, and efficiently manage your valuable assets. When not in use your equipment is stored in high-strength steel lockers that come up multiple sizes with a modular design, so you can configure them exactly how your facilities need. 

When equipment is stored you get detailed content surveillance through a variety of available tools. 

  • Wireless RFID content surveillance for enhanced security and accountability of smart devices
  • Integrated scales for monitoring pepper spray and other weight-regulated assets
  • Wired USB surveillance for compatible electronics
  • Integrated charging for phones, tablets, laptops, two-way radios, and other electronics

All lockers are ventilated for safe electronic device storage. Additional tools in the RTNHub management app enhance control. Set curfews or require dual-authentication sign outs. Or use the integrated camera records users during transactions and links photos in logs.And battery backups ensure that essential equipment like firearms are accessible even during power outages.



Storage Solutions for More Responsible Business

AssetTracer smart lockers are a powerful storage solution suitable for both everyday work sites and the most secure facilities. You can design the exact locker configuration you need, with a touchscreen smart terminal that accepts a variety of authentication options, including PIN code, swipe card, and biometric readers. 

Their rugged steel frame is designed to withstand physical intrusion. And AssetTracer lockers easily integrate with a range of other leading security and business operations platforms.