Looking for Customer Support?

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Real Time Networks is committed to supporting our customers in every way that we can.

  • Lifetime warranty on all RFID key fobs and 1-2 year warranty standard on all products 
  • Various Service Plans available
  • Installation and training available for all products
  • Customer support provided by qualified, trained professionals

Why Real Time Networks?

  • Fully Customizable Solutions – Our products are modular, and software can be tailored to your unique needs.
  • Maintenance Free - Our key fobs and asset lockers operate using contactless RFID tags – providing 100% accuracy and reliability, and no wear and tear on key fobs.
  • Guaranteed Future Proof - All modules can be upgraded and new cabinets are backwards compatible to allow for future expansion. If requirements change, the system can scale accordingly.
  • Emergency Operation - All cabinets remain operational - even in the case of a power or network failure. The data is stored locally, and an integrated emergency battery secures continued operation.