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Key & Asset Management Solutions for Casinos

Easily manage your gaming and venue keys, radios, and other equipment in real time. Fast, secure key transactions get your employees out on the floor and serving your customers instead of hunting down missing items. Track and manage every key and asset from an easy-to-use software dashboard.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Real Time Networks' Cutting-Edge RFID Key and Asset Tracking

Are you stuck replacing key tags and cleaning lock slots all the time? Jump into the 21st century with RFID key and asset tracking solutions from Real Time Networks. They offer fast transactions and a rugged key tag design, so work never stalls.

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Secure Equipment Storage & Tracking

AssetTracer smart lockers offer secure storage and automated tracking for your radios, repair kits, A/V equipment, and other essential equipment. Charge all your electronic devices right in the lockers so they’re always ready.

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Secure Key Storage & Tracking

Manage key transactions securely and efficiently, and virtually eliminate key loss using a KeyTracer smart key management system. Durable RFID key tags are easy to use and near indestructible.

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Smart Equipment Management Systems

Your casino is always open, and you need an equipment management system that is too. AssetTracer smart lockers are modular equipment management systems. They can store everything from gaming accessories to radios, spare parts, and other electronics. AssetTracer lockers are customizable to fit any combination of equipment you need to store in any footprint.

AssetTracer Smart Equipment Management Systems for Casinos and Gaming

Features & Benefits

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Prevent Losses

  • Error-free digital transaction logging improves employee accountability for lost or damaged equipment
  • Reclaim lost work hours spent searching for misplaced equipment
  • Find the holder and location of each asset in just a couple of clicks
24/7 Tracking and Management Orange Icon

24/7 Tracking & Management

  • Round-the-clock automated transaction logging and device management
  • Integrated charging ports ensure devices are ready whenever staff need them
  • Remote management through a secure web connection when you need to manage after-hours from home
Real-Time Asset Tracking Orange Icon

Real-time Asset Tracking

  • Manage all of your users, devices, and transactions from a single, intuitive interface that updates in real time
  • Generate reports on any usage pattern you want to track
  • Live positional information when paired with an exit alarm system
Process Control Checklist Orange Icon

Better Process Control

  • Tablets are always charged and ready for housekeeping and service staff to take on their shift
  • Digital transaction logging provides a complete error-free log recording of who has which devices
  • For sensitive assets, optional equipment surveillance sensors inside lockers verify requested devices are actually taken and returned
Security and Workforce Enablement Orange Icon

Enable Your Workforce

  • Smart, self-service design allows your casino employees to get the equipment they need in seconds
  • Better workforce enablement makes them more effective at their jobs
  • All without sacrificing the security and management capabilities you need in a busy, high-stakes casino
Customizable Workflows Orange Icon

Customized to Your Workflows

  • Bespoke hardware and software design customized to your establishment
  • Modular lockers stack and assemble to hold any set of devices and other equipment
  • Adaptable software that can be customized to your needs by RTN’s responsive design team

Key Management System

KeyTracer key management systems use RFID tags for key tracking instead of traditional metal contact tags. Assign key permissions to individual staff members, by job type, or to whole teams. Those staff members can sign out authorized keys any time they need and reserve keys easily from a PC, phone, or tablet using a secure login.

KeyTracer Key Management System Cabinet for Casinos and Gaming

Features & Benefits

Configurable and operative  Orange Icon

Designed for Heavy Use

  • Solid state RFID technology works in even the busiest environments
  • Cabinets made from 16-gauge steel
  • Key tags are cylindrical, so there is no wrong way to place them in lock slots
  • Key tags come with a lifetime warranty
Sensitive Gaming Keys Management System for Casinos Orange Icon

Special Features for Casinos

  • Dual signouts available for sensitive gaming keys
  • Key tracking reports help meet regulatory compliance
  • Optional key exit alarm sensors for real-time monitoring of key use in your venue
Key Loss Prevention Orange Icon

Prevent Key Loss

  • Automated error-free tracking so you always know who signed out which key last
  • Only the lock slots a user is authorized to access unlock
  • Supervisors can receive instant alerts when keys are overdue for a return or when approaching exits using the key alarm system
Streamlined operations Orange Icon

Streamline Operations

  • Key transactions are secure, self-service, and take only seconds
  • Contactless RFID sensors don’t need to be cleaned, so tags are read the first time, every time
  • Present checklist forms to employees at signout or return as a fast way to collect additional information
Casino key security central management software Orange Icon

Central Management Software

  • Fast, modern, web-based software for 21st-century casinos
  • Manage every key, key locker, and user in your organization from a single, powerful remote management dashboard
  • Remotely unlock keys for urgent issues even when you’re not on site
Better Key Accountability for Casinos Orange Icon

Improved Accountability

  • Every transaction is recorded electronically
  • Find out in seconds who was the last person to use a missing key
  • Reclaim wasted work hours spent searching for lost keys and managing transactions
  • Multiple options for user authentication when you want enhanced security

Modernize your key and asset management with Real Time Networks

Maintain airtight control over all of your gaming and venue keys without any errors or unnecessary manual oversight. KeyTracer and AssetTracer systems offer security and accountability while they improve how your employees work.

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