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A comprehensive key management solution designed specifically for gaming companies and casinos.


Automated transaction logging provides a full audit trail of who took which keys and when


High-security RFID key cabinets that keep every key set locked in place. Authorized users can only take keys assigned to them


Dual and triple authentication for gaming keys


Multiple access control methods


Automated alerts and alarms when keys aren’t returned


Key exit alarm system that ensures gaming keys never leave the building


Compliance made easy


High-touch customer support

Today’s leading casinos and gaming companies trust Real Time Networks to protect their facilities and keep their cash secure.

Keep keys safe and secure

Protect keys until up to three required logins are complete and credentials are verified. Make sure important keys are kept safe with automatic Key Exit Systems that sound alarms whenever they’re taken off-premises.

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Manage and track radios and electronic devices

Use smart lockers to manage, charge and control access to radios, electronic devices, and other pieces of equipment. A full audit trail allows you to see which employees have which equipment in their possession at any time.

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Reduce operating expenses

KeyTracer key control systems eliminate the need to rekey slot machines, cages, and drop boxes to keep your costs predictable and under control. Smart Lockers help reduce loss, theft, and equipment replacement costs.

Pass casino and gaming audits with ease

Know who took what key and when with a detailed log of all key access that enables you to easily pass audits.

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Create the perfect solution

Add additional cabinets or lockers as your company scales and choose your access method (e.g., fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code).

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With so much on the line, gaming companies simply can’t afford to compromise on key security.

Real Time Networks enables you to rest comfortably knowing that your keys are secure, your facilities are protected, and your employees are safe.

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