Asset Tracking Solutions

Secure and Track All of Your Valuable Equipment with Smart Locker Systems 

The Value of Asset Tracking Solutions 

  • Full "cradle to grave" control over how your assets are accessed and by whom
  • Manage equipment secured in lockers and control how, when, and where they are put to use in the field.
  • Fast, secure asset transactions keep your business moving
  • Automated access means equipment is available 24/7, or just when you authorize it
  • Instant insight into who has equipment and where, at the click of a button
  • Simplified security and business management through 3rd party integration
  • Improved accountability with customizable sign out curfews and automated alerts
  • Improved performance and compliance with comprehensive reporting

Better Asset Tracking Improves Every Workflow

As more and more business processes go digital, we become ever more reliant on electronic, regulated, or otherwise sensitive equipment to get work done. This makes the problems caused by poor asset management even more severe: 

  • Lost and untracked assets hurt productivity
  • Replacement costs increase
  • Administrative overhead increases
  • Unnecessary regulatory filing and fines pile up
  • Operational efficiency is reduced

The answer is a RFID locker system, like Real Time Networks’ AssetTracer line of smart lockers. Reserve critical assets for time-sensitive work. Set curfews or require dual-authentication sign outs to improve staff accountability. Automatically compile compliance reports and review usage statistics with detailed reporting features.


Protecting the Assets That Your Business Relies On

Real Time Networks’ AssetTracer intelligent locker system is fully customizable for any work site. Design the exact locker configuration, authentication type, and extra features for your exact needs: built-in charging ports and wired or wireless content surveillance for precision asset tracking.

Equipment is stored in durable 16-gauge stainless steel lockers, suitable for even the most sensitive equipment or most secure facility. AssetTracer lockers easily integrate with a range of other leading security and business operations platforms.

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