Improve Process Control

Unifying your business, security, and IT processes creates a system of control that can drive you to whole new levels of performance.

The Value of Good Process Control

  • Reduce human error switching to ‘smart’ automated processes
  • Improved work performance shaped by mandatory key or asset curfews
  • Reduce costs and administrative overhead integrating existing security and business systems
  • Maximize availability switching to electronic systems available 24/7
  • More efficient equipment servicing with automated alerts on asset return
  • Tighter safety and compliance control when requirements are automatically enforced

Refining Performance in All Industries

A wide range of applications are possible using just a few core sets of business management technology. If you have a key management system to track how your keys are used it transforms those keys from simple access control tools into sources of intelligence on the workflows they’re tied to, leading to business process improvement. 

Our KeyTracer and AssetTracer systems aren’t just for security departments, they’re whole-business tools. With them you can build better: 

  • Inventory controls
  • Automated tech support drop-off system
  • Compliance management processes
  • Safety protocols
  • Business intelligence platforms

Real Time Networks’ smart key and asset management systems enhance all aspects of connected business processes. They not only give superior control over existing administrative tasks, they can power whole new automated processes.


Precision Control

Deploying smart technologies like these creates a unified platform that integrates with your existing HR and IT personnel management tools. You get full lifecycle control over all the equipment, personnel, and keys that move through your organization, gaining actionable intelligence at every transaction along the way. 

For example, fleet managers can build customized checklists into the smart terminals of their KeyTracer fleet key management system. They can ensure that all necessary safety equipment and tool kits tied to a specific work vehicle are signed out before the crew leaves on a job. Only once the driver has all of the mandated equipment signed out will a key be released. Proper safety procedures are followed and performance levels maintained.

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