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7 Reasons Why Law Enforcement Offices Are Using Electronic Lockers

By Matt Belo on Oct 30, 2018

Police and Law Enforcement Officers rely on a wide range of equipment to complete their every day job. Aside from relying on firearms and safety equipment, they deal with evidence, seized narcotics, and many objects that have unique storage requirements. Law Offices need to ensure the security, safety, accountability and reliability of every weapon, communication device, and items of interest that comes through the front door. As theft continues to increase, law officials are turning to tools that help them better manage dangerous assets, and to maintain proper chain of custody for evidence.

Police require control over a large number of varied items, and strict requirements on managing and tracking who has possession over them. Lockers are necessary to keep Firearms, Equipment, Pepper Spray, Evidence or hazardous items locked up and out of the wrong hands. They ensure the control and tracking of Assets and Equipment needed every day on the job, and assist with the tagging and filing of evidence. But many Law Enforcement Offices are now taking things a step further and implementing Electronic Smart Lockers, for higher security, more precise access control, better accountability, and additional tracking. 

What is an Electronic Asset Locker (or Smart Locker)?

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