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Key & Asset Management Solutions for Law Enforcement

Easily manage your police gear, evidence, and fleet keys in real time. Automate transactions at any station while you monitor and manage everything from an easy-to-use software dashboard at headquarters.


Real Time Networks is a participating vendor in the North Carolina Sheriff's Association (NCSA) Technology Procurement Program which is open to county and city government agencies in all 50 US states.

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Police Gear Secure
Storage & Tracking

AssetTracer smart lockers offer secure storage and automated tracking for your police gear, like radar kits, duty bags, pooled firearms, radios, and cameras. Charge all your electronic devices right in the lockers, so they’re always ready.

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Facility and Fleet Key Secure Storage & Tracking

Eliminate key loss and improve vehicle availability using a KeyTracer smart key management system. Law enforcement personnel can reserve vehicles and report damage from a convenient self-service web dashboard.

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Secure Automated
Evidence Deposit

You can provision AssetTracer smart lockers with climate-controlled compartments for evidence management. That means your personnel can securely deposit evidence 24/7, maintaining a complete electronic chain of custody record.

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Streamlining Law Enforcement Operations with Real Time Networks' Management Solutions

Stop wasting work hours hunting for lost keys and equipment. With Real Time Networks’ secure management products for law enforcement, you’ll always know where you can find your keys, equipment, and shared firearms. In addition, evidence lockers can automatically and securely manage evidence deposits around the clock whenever personnel return from an investigation.

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Police Gear & Evidence Management Systems

AssetTracer smart lockers are modular equipment management systems. They protect and charge your most important police gear and automatically monitor and track their usage. AssetTracer systems can also be configured to function as fully-featured evidence management lockers.


Features & Benefits

Enable Your Police Force

Enable Your Police Force

  • Smart automation technology gives law enforcement agencies the control they need to protect sensitive assets
  • Easy-to-use design enables your police force to get the gear they need when they need it
  • Better workforce enablement makes your officers more effective at their jobs

24/7 Evidence Management

  • Automated evidence deposits are available around the clock, no need to wait for evidence managers to come on duty
  • Refrigerated storage for biological sample collection
  • Content surveillance and charging to monitor sensitive evidence

Customized to Your Needs

  • Bespoke hardware and software design
  • Modular lockers stack and assemble to hold the exact configurations of gear you need
  • Adaptable software that can be customized to your needs by RTN’s responsive design team

Maintain Chain of Custody

  • Detailed logging creates an airtight chain of custody for both equipment and evidence
  • Improve the quality of your evidence with electronic tracking
  • Also, track the chain of custody for controlled substances and narcotics in your med kits

Prevent Losses

  • Error-free transaction logging gives you a complete record of who has which gear signed out
  • Improved accountability for damaged gear and empty consumables
  • Save work hours spent tracking down misplaced gear
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Make Operations More Efficient

  • Automated recordkeeping eliminates time-consuming manual data entry
  • Integrated charging ports ensure all radios, cameras, laptops, and other supported electronics are ready for the next shift
  • Content surveillance verifies the identity of tracked equipment, including kit components

Key Management System

A KeyTracer system allows you to control who accesses which keys. Assign key permissions to individuals, units, or whole departments. Those personnel can sign out permitted keys any time they need and reserve keys easily from a PC, phone, or tablet using a secure login.


Features & Benefits


Increase Operating

  • Personnel sign keys in and out in seconds, getting them in the field fast
  • Automatically lock fleet keys out of circulation when a user reports vehicle damage
  • Rotate key sign out randomly, or in the order you choose, to distribute wear-and-tear across your entire vehicle fleet

Manage Centrally,
Operates Anywhere

  • Key lockers throughout your organization connect to a single remote management dashboard
  • Issue emergency unlocks anywhere, from headquarters or home, through a secure connection
  • Cut unnecessary overtime driving to remote offices to manage vehicles and keys


  • Every transaction electronically recorded
  • Use your choice of authentication method, including multi-factor authentication
  • Instant alerts if keys are not returned on time

Automate Time-Consuming Work 

  • Automate tedious transaction logging and recordkeeping
  • Redirect work hours to meaningful law enforcement activities instead of key management
  • Generate reports on vehicles and keys in seconds

Gain Insights in
Real Time

  • Modern web-based management dashboard updates in real time
  • Track performance and issues across every installed key locker in your organization
  • See who has which keys signed out in just a couple of clicks

Prevent Unnecessary
Key Loss

  • Error-free tracking greatly reduces the chances for keys to be misplaced during transactions
  • Supervisors can receive instant alerts when keys are overdue for a return
  • Avoid rekeying expenses and slow procurement

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