Law Enforcement

Solutions for Managing Keys & Assets

Our key and asset security solutions for law enforcement combine reliable hardware with customizable software and cutting edge real-time location applications. Our solutions are designed to help you secure and track keys and assets.

  • Comply easily with regulations on safe storage and auditing for firearms, tasers and OC spray cans.
  • Gain control over your facility’s assets, keys, and personnel. 
  • Generate customizable reports for any jurisdiction’s regulatory needs.

We offer full life-cycle service. From your initial consultation, to customized installation, to on-site training for your personnel. This is followed by ongoing phone support that you can count on.


Key Management Systems

  • Real time tracking automatically builds your digital 'paper trail' for regulatory compliance
  • Fleet management and optimization
  • Receive alerts when key returns are delayed, or when access irregularities occur in firearms storage, evidence lockers, or cellblocks
  • Key selections light up for rapid transactions, improving your response times
  • Key release override available for emergency access
  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Sturdy, expandable key cabinets are suitable for any size facility

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Real-Time Key Location & Exit Systems

  • Locate critical keys anywhere in your facility for maximum readiness
  • Alerts sound as keys near your defined perimeters and exits, for tighter access control
  • Prevent unnecessary rekeying expenses and regulatory breaches
  • Works across multiple locations and secure networks, for precincts with separate stations, cell blocks, and garages
  • Customizable reporting for any jurisdiction’s audit requirements
  • Durable, lifetime-warrantied key tags are repair-free

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Electronic Asset Lockers

  • Securely store evidence kits, narcotics, radios, electronics, firearms, OC spray cans and tasers
  • Rapid issue and return, keeping personnel efficient
  • Comply easily with regulations on safe storage and auditing for firearms, tasers and OC spray cans.
  • Automated transaction logging eliminates unnecessary staffing
  • Ready two-way radios and other electronics with built-in charging ports
  • Protect heat-sensitive equipment with an integrated cooling system
  • Customize access by division, unit, or individual duty

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Real Time Guard Tour System

  • Monitor tours in real time for total awareness
  • No action required to record checkpoints
  • Automated checkpoint logging keeps officers focused on inmates
  • RFID technology is usable in high-security cellblocks
  • Provides impartial evidence for agency reviews and complaint investigations
  • Customizable alerts if officers miss check-in times or do not complete tours

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