Real Time Networks is a participating vendor in the North Carolina Sheriff's Association (NCSA) Technology Procurement Program which is open to county and city government agencies in all 50 US states.

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Law enforcement agencies around the country use Real Time Networks to streamline processes and protect their facilities.

Increase Accountability for Keys

Know who took which key last and when keys have not been returned to increase accountability and help reduce lost keys.

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Secure police gear and maintain chain of custody

Manage shared pools of equipment and firearms and make sure every asset is accounted for without leaving your post. Secure and track access to evidence with automated smart lockers.

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Maintain compliance

Make compliance easy by leveraging electronic asset lockers that enable you to safely store firearms, tasers, OC spray cans and evidence with automatic logging to see who took what and when, and whether it was returned.

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Reduce operating expenses

Eliminate unnecessary rekeying expenditures while ensuring shared pools of equipment and evidence are securely stored.

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Deliver even more value to your community with robust key management and asset storage solutions designed for law enforcement agencies like yours.

Protect your facilities, vehicles, assets, and personnel by knowing where your keys and most sensitive assets are at all times.

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