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key management

What is a Key Management System? Everything You Need to Know

Maybe your company just suffered an avoidable security breach. Or perhaps you were just reviewing the labor costs of tracking your corporate keys. Many business leaders in these positions start to wonder whether automating their physical key management is worthwhile. But they want some questions answered first.
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Key Control

What is a Physical Key Management System?

More and more business security practices are going digital. Every year, it seems like something you took for granted as a physical process is automated or made electronic. Will physical keys be next?
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Physical security

6 Tips for Better Equipment Inventory Tracking

Equipment management is an afterthought at some companies. But those companies are usually surprised when they get around to adding up the costs of their equipment losses and operating inefficiencies.
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How Indoor Mapping Software Can Deliver Better Asset Tracking

Indoor mapping technology is making inroads in many business sectors—and with good reason. This technology has the potential to reshape how we conduct many business practices that, up until now, we’ve thought had to be slow and manual. One of those business practices ripe for change is asset management.
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emergency mustering

8 Security Benefits of Using RFID Personnel Tracking Software

The global economy is radically different from what it was just two years ago. From enterprise organizations down to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), every business is looking for new ways to compete, increase revenue, and improve their performance. One option many are exploring is the use of RFID personnel tracking software.
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Loss prevention

Ultimate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Tech Guide

Even the most in-the-know security professional can be forgiven for not knowing every single real-time location system (RTLS) technology on the market. The options are constantly changing. New technologies emerge, engineers discover new use cases for old technologies, and there is always something you haven’t seen before.
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5 Technologies Corporate Security Professionals Can Use to Increase Situational Awareness

Companies in every sector are looking for ways to respond faster to business challenges. Those could be operational, strategic, or security challenges—or, in reality, usually all three at once. From large enterprises down to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), many companies find success adopting a principle first developed in the military:...
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employee tracking in a building

How Employee Location Tracking in a Building Works

Employee location tracking isn’t some evil, Big Brother tool. In fact, in most use cases, the employees benefit as much as their organization. That’s because the most effective use cases are all for employee safety and security.
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gps signal indoors

Can You Get a GPS Signal Indoors? How to Accurately Track Assets Inside Your Facility

Many businesses are trying to find ways to bring the benefits of GPS tracking indoors into their workplaces. They want to get that same kind of location and movement data on their people and valuable assets. Many of these businesses opt to use an indoor positioning system (IPS).
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vehicle asset tracking

What Is an Indoor Positioning System? How Can You Use One for Business Security and Safety?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) have many potential safety and security applications. But figuring out how to apply this new and powerful technology in your organization can sometimes be confusing. You can do so much with indoor positioning that it can sometimes be tricky figuring out where to start.
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