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Streamline operations and enhance security with our smart key and asset management systems

In a data center, an IT employee uses a laptop that had previously been stored in a smart locker
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Smart Locker Device Storage & Tracking 

AssetTracer smart lockers offer secure storage and automated tracking for site-specific laptops and mobile devices within your data centers. They can also double as secure holding lockers for outside electronic devices, so you don’t compromise your network security perimeter.

You will have a complete audit trail of who had which electronic devices during any given period. In addition, in-locker charging ensures devices are always ready when people need them.

An IT employee retrieves a key from the smart key cabinet
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Secure Physical Key Management

Meet all regulatory burdens for access control with air-tight digital key tracking. Distribute key lockers across larger data centers but manage them centrally. Give staff reliable access to the facility and rack keys they need around the clock.

Enhance Your Security, Compliance, and Productivity with Real Time Networks' Real-Time Monitoring and Management Systems 

Manual admin processes are time-consuming and prone to human error that can compromise your data center’s operations. With Real Time Networks' smart asset and key management systems, you can enjoy secure, automated transactions and monitoring for safer operations and easier regulatory compliance. Monitor each transaction in real-time through a modern, web-based dashboard, enhancing your data center's operational efficiency. 

AssetTracer™ Smart Locker Management Systems

AssetTracer smart lockers are modular storage and management systems for laptops, mobile devices, and any other equipment you need to secure. Equipment surveillance sensors inside compartments read RFID tags to verify equipment during transactions.

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Optimize Data Center Operations

  • Manage your data center's laptops, mobile devices, and other essential equipment.
  • Modular storage systems provide robust security and streamlined management.
  • Ensure your devices are always ready for action.
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Customized to Your Needs

  • AssetTracer smart lockers are tailored to meet any data center's unique storage, reporting, or security requirements.
  • Benefit from bespoke hardware and software design and modular cabinets that can be stacked to suit your equipment.
  • RTN engineers can customize adaptive management software to align with your needs precisely.
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Efficiency Through Workflow Automation

  • Automated data gathering eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  • Users can report equipment damage via an automated checklist during sign-out or return, instantly notifying your break/fix technicians.
  • Locker compartments can be equipped with integrated charging ports, ensuring all devices are ready for the next user.
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Empower Your Users

  • User-friendly locker and access terminal design ensure your workforce can easily access the devices they need, precisely when needed.
  • Enhance workforce efficiency without compromising on security, thanks to our smart automation technology.
  • Robust device protection.
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Comprehensive Transaction Logging

  • Detailed transaction logs create an airtight record of equipment usage, providing valuable insights into workflows and technical issues.
  • Identify usage patterns across your organization that may have remained hidden without digital reporting tools.
  • Customize reports via an easy-to-use web dashboard.
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Prevent Equipment Damage and Losses

  • Error-free transaction logging provides a comprehensive record of who has signed out each device.
  • Signout checklists hold everyone accountable for equipment conditions.
  • Automated tracking minimizes the time spent searching for misplaced devices.
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24/7 Availability

  • AssetTracer smart lockers offer seamless access to critical assets for teams working outside regular hours or in remote data centers.
  • In-locker equipment surveillance guarantees that every device is appropriately signed out and returned.
  • Customizable transaction checklists ensure users submit all necessary tracking information, no matter the time of day.

KeyTracer™ Key Management Systems

With KeyTracer, data center administrators gain unparalleled control over key access 24/7. Assign key permissions effortlessly to individuals, business units, or departments, empowering authorized users to sign out facility and rack keys as needed. Control how full-time staff, visitors, and contractors can move through your facility. Reserving keys is easy via a secure web dashboard available to any authorized user.

KeyTracer Key Management System for Data Centers
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Streamline Workflows

  • Shift work hours away from manual key management, allowing you to prioritize your core mission.
  • Generate detailed reports on key usage within seconds
  • Allow your user to reclaim valuable time organizing, managing, and waiting for keys.
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Real-Time Insights

  • Stay in the know with a modern, web-based management dashboard delivering real-time updates of key issues across your data center.
  • Track performance across every installed key locker.
  • Easily identify who has which keys signed out with just a few clicks.
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Enhance Team Productivity

  • Key sign-in and sign-out processes take seconds, getting your team to work ASAP.
  • Effortlessly lock facility, rack, and fleet keys out of circulation when users report security or maintenance needs.
  • Rotate vehicle fleet signouts to distribute wear-and-tear.
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Boost Operational Efficiency

  • Connect key lockers across large data centers or between multi-site operations to a single remote management dashboard.
  • Strategically place key lockers where needed most, eliminating wasted time traveling for secured keys.
  • Real-time key or user access updates get technicians and contractors on the job faster.
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Eliminate Key Loss

  • Digital transaction logging reduces human error and significantly diminishes the risk of key loss.
  • Supervisors receive instant alerts when facility keys are overdue for return.
  • Prevent unnecessary rekeying expenses and operational delays.