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Real Time Networks helps warehousing and manufacturing companies to spend less time managing their assets so they can focus more on the bigger picture.

Know where your assets are

Store tools, equipment, machinery, and important assets with real-time monitoring capabilities that enable you to track items from any device.

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Improve productivity

Accelerate employee workflows to enable your team to get more done in less time.

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Increase profitability

Bolster your organization’s bottom line by increasing employee productivity while reducing asset loss.

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Ensure compliance

Set automatic alerts that are triggered when equipment isn’t returned at the end of the day.

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Powerful Intelligent Locker solutions designed for today’s leading manufacturing and warehousing operators. Store, charge and track tools and electronic devices efficiently.

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Intelligent Lockers

Log transactions automatically to keep track of who took what items and if and when they were returned

Asset Tracking

Leverage touchless RFID tags to enable rapid transactions while ensuring that each device is tracked

Employee Accountability

Keep track on the real-time location of handheld scanners and other portable electronics to improve accountability

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Asset Management

Ensure that devices are fully charged and ready for use for each shift

Workflow Management

Issue devices based on longest retention to ensure that devices with the highest battery levels are released first for more efficient operations

Emergency Mustering & Automated Roll Call

Make sure your team is safe during emergency situations.

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Employee & Visitor Safety

Automatically log arrivals at muster points and leverage real-time information about who is safe and who’s still at risk

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Quickly Muster

Find out who’s not accounted right away and quickly collect location and contact information

Rapid Response

Track and locate visitors and contractors during emergencies

Improve Procedures

Conduct drills periodically to continuously improve your evacuation procedures

Continuous Operation

Continues to work even when the network is down

Say goodbye to misplaced equipment and unnecessary expenses.

Real Time Networks enables you to rest comfortably knowing your most important assets are protected around the clock.