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Find out why correctional institutions trust Real Time Networks to keep their people, facilities, keys, and other assets safe every day.

Control your keys
Control your keys

Secure and track the real-time location of your keys, make sure officers return the keys they’ve taken, and prevent anyone from taking keys without permission or off-premises—accidentally or otherwise.

Protect your staff
Protect your staff

Keep keys and other sensitive items out of the hands of the wrong people and ensure your officers have access to the equipment and firearms  they need to maintain a safe environment.

Reduce operating expenses

Eliminate costly rekeying expenses and avoid regulatory breaches and potential fines to stretch your budget out further.

Increase your efficiency

Spend less time searching for misplaced keys and assets and use automation to take care of repetitive tasks so officers can focus on what’s most important.


Comprehensive key control systems built to meet the needs of high-security correctional institutions.

Automate real-time transaction logging to hold staff accountable for their keys and eliminate key loss

Receive automatic notifications and real time alerts when key returns are delayed or when keys are taken outside a defined area or building

Implement high-security access control options—such as proximity cards, iris identification, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, or a combination of multiple methods—to prevent keys from falling into the wrong hands


Powerful Intelligent Lockers that enable you to securely store and track all your most important equipment and assets in one place.

Protect, manage, and track your institution’s most important assets, including firearms, tasers, mace, OC spray, two-way radios, electronics, and more

See who’s accessing what assets with an integrated camera that automatically captures images of people taking and returning items

Issue and return assets rapidly with touchless RFID tags

Creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment at your correctional facility is much easier with real-time insights into keys, assets, and people.

Real Time Networks helps wardens and correctional officers ensure compliance with less effort.

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