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Smart Key Control and Asset Management for Prisons and Jails

Easily manage your correctional facility keys, medical kits, firearms, and other equipment in real time. Place secure storage lockers where needed most while you monitor and manage everything from an easy-to-use software dashboard.

Streamlining Prison and Jail Operations with Real Time Networks' Correctional Facility Management Solutions

Don’t allow your corrections officers and staff to waste unnecessary work hours searching for lost keys and equipment. Real Time Networks’ secure management products for correctional facilities manage everything for you. Your officers can get the keys, equipment, and shared firearms they need in seconds.

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Secure Prison Equipment Management

These smart lockers offer secure storage and automated tracking for all equipment in your facility. Charge radios, smartphones, and tablets, so they’re ready for the next user. Tag and scan equipment kits, so officers know if any vital components are missing. Securely store visitor belongings in your facility.

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Secure Jail Key Control and Tracking

Drastically reduce key loss and improve vehicle availability with a KeyTracer smart key management system. Employees can only access the keys you’ve authorized for them. Electronic tracking confirms every key is always accounted for. Officers can make self-service reservations without needing a manager on hand.

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Smart Prison Equipment Management Systems

AssetTracer smart lockers are modular equipment management systems. They protect and charge your most important devices and automatically monitor and track their usage. Customize their layout to fit whatever space constraints you have at your correctional facility.


Features & Benefits

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Customized to Your Prison Needs

  • Bespoke hardware and software design
  • Modular lockers stack and assemble to hold the exact configurations of gear you need
  • Adaptable software that can be customized to your needs by RTN’s responsive design team
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Prevent Losses

  • Error-free transaction logging gives you a complete record of which officers have firearms and other sensitive assets signed out
  • Added accountability for any equipment damage, discharged firearms, and spent medications
  • Save hours every month searching for misplaced gear
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Maintain Detailed Logs

  • Detailed logging creates an airtight chain of custody for both equipment and visitor belongings
  • Also, track the chain of custody for controlled substances and narcotics in your med kits
  • Generate reports to support chain of custody in just a few clicks
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24/7 Prison Equipment Readiness

  • Give officers on any shift an easy way to sign out gear and electronics
  • Equipment surveillance to monitor sensitive devices in lockers
  • Customizable signout and return checklists help you collect the information you need from users no matter the time of day
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Make Prison Operations More Efficient

  • Automated recordkeeping eliminates time-consuming manual data entry
  • Integrated charging ports ensure all radios, mobile devices, and other electronics are ready for the next shift
  • Rotate device signouts randomly or by longest held to ensure everything is always charged, and you distribute wear-and-tear across your entire inventory
  • Content surveillance verifies the identity of tracked equipment, including kit components

Prison Keys Management System

A KeyTracer key management system allows your personnel to easily and securely sign out facility and vehicle keys whenever needed. You can assign customized key permissions to individuals, work details, or by shift. Those personnel can sign out permitted keys any time they need and reserve keys easily from a PC, phone, or tablet using a secure login.


Features & Benefits

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Prevent Unnecessary Jail Key Loss

  • Error-free jail key control greatly reduces the chances of keys being misplaced
  • Supervisors can receive instant alerts when keys are overdue for a return
  • Avoid unnecessary rekeying expenses and potential high-risk security incidents
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Smoother Prison Operations

  • Personnel sign keys in and out in seconds, getting them back on the job fast
  • Rugged RFID key tag design stands up to use in high-traffic environments
  • Cylindrical key tags are easy to take and return
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Real-time Prison Keys Insights

  • Modern web-based management dashboard updates in real time
  • Track security and performance issues across every installed key locker in your facility
  • See who has which keys signed out in just a couple of clicks
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Better Correctional Officers Accountability

  • Receive instant alerts if jail keys are not returned on time
  • Use your choice of authentication method, including multi-factor authentication
  • Every transaction is recorded electronically
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Manage Centrally, Operates Anywhere

  • Key lockers throughout your facility connect to a central management dashboard
  • Issue emergency unlocks anywhere, from headquarters or home, through a secure connection
  • Identify patterns in performance and technical issues across your entire facility you might not otherwise notice
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Automate Time-Consuming Work

  • Automate tedious transaction logging and recordkeeping, and keep it error-free
  • Redirect work hours to important activities instead of key management
  • Generate reports on key use in seconds

Comprehensive key and asset management that fits how you run your correctional facility

Help your officers get the keys and equipment they need securely and efficiently. Accountable self-service access 24/7 with full tracking and logging. Monitor transactions in real time so you always know who has which keys, firearms, or equipment.

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