Assess Your Employees' Accountability for Keys & Assets

Determine whether improving your employees’ accountability for keys or physical assets could save you labor and equipment costs.

Complete the Assessment
Complete the Assessment
See the Results
See the Results
Improve Your Accountability
Improve Your Accountability

Which type of asset management performance are you evaluating?

Do you have a published asset management policy that outlines how employees are held accountable and the consequences for misuse?

Do you cover asset management in your employee training program?

Do you have a documented process for adding new assets to the management program and removing old assets?

Do you have a documented process for adding new users, approving their access rights, and removing old users?

Do senior staff review your policies and practices, at least annually, to determine whether updates are needed?

Do you know how many hours per week staff spend managing asset inventories and transactions?

Do you have controls in place to identify who has possession of a particular asset at any given time?

Are reports for auditing asset use available on demand?

In the last fiscal year, did you need to order replacement keys or equipment ahead of schedule?

Are you able to determine the total replacement cost of lost and stolen assets at your company over the last fiscal year?

Are you able to calculate how many average work hours are spent performing lost equipment searches?