Equipment Lockers

Efficiently manage, track and locate equipment; two way radios, scanners, tools and more

AssetTracer smart lockers offer a complete equipment management solution:

  • Complete auditing and reporting
  • Controls who can access each item in the locker and restrict when items can be taken
  • Ensure that equipment is fully charged before it can be taken
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Increase accountability
  • Reduce costs and optimize use of tools and equipment

This automated storage system allows you to manage access to tools and equipment efficiently, while ensuring accountability. Real Time Network’s asset management locker is the perfect solution for automatic charging, issuing and returning of 2-way radios, scanners and other tools and equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  • A range of compartment sizes and charging options makes our solution adaptable to different items 
  • First-In, First-Out feature optimizes usage across a pool of equipment and
  • Ensures that users always receive a fully charged device
  • Methods of authentication: PIN, Prox cards, biometric readers, IrisID and smart phone
  • Option for unique asset identification and tracking using RFID tags
  • Emergency opening feature
  • Optimized for daily use and designed for rugged operation
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Assign devices to specific users at specific times
  • Eliminate downtime wasted on locating devices, lower operational efficiency, staff productivity, and manual administration time
  • Real time reports and alerts on usage, history, faults, and more available in the RTNHub management software. 

Modular and Customizable

  • Configure vertical or horizontal stacks according to your exact needs.
  • Combine different sized storage compartments
  • An emergency operation mode ensures that all systems remain operational in the event of a power or network failure.
  • Metal or clear door options
  • Built-in charging
  • Individual asset tracking
  • Back-up battery
large compartment

Two Way Radio lockers module with metal or clear doors


Full size modules with metal or clear doors


Small size module with metal or clear doors


Medium size module with metal or clear doors


Smart Asset Lockers Product Sheet

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