Smart locker systems for asset accountability.

Get full control of your assets, streamline operations, and increase productivity.

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AssetTracer Smart Lockers Side by Side
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Introducing AssetTracer Intelligent Lockers

AssetTracer intelligent lockers give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most important assets are accounted for at all times

AssetTracer Smart Lockers are used in multiple locations and for multiple purposes

Secure Storage​ →

Everything from equipment kits to mobile devices, evidence, and weapons.

Asset Tracking

Always know where your organization’s most important assets are at all times to increase productivity and profitability.

RFID-based Asset Surveillance

Monitor assets in real-time and make sure they are always accounted for.

Employee Accountability

Improve accountability and visibility across your organization by always knowing who took what item last.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage assets from acquisition to maintenance, and retirement.

Workflow Automation

Speed up business processes, reduce errors, and increase team productivity with powerful workflow automation capabilities.

Workforce Enablement​

Automated transactions, so workers are never dependent on other personnel to get the gear they need.

Process Contol Improvement

Help your organization move faster, operate more efficiently, and increase profitability with process control improvement.


Protect your company and keep your employees safe with technology designed to help you comply with all relevant policies and regulations.

Integration Capabilities

Unlock additional operational efficiencies by easily connecting the legacy systems your team relies on every day with RTNHub’s open API.


Add additional storage space as the needs of your organization change.


Combine into vertical or horizontal stacks, according to your exact needs.

Loss Prevention

Automated asset storage and tracking system increases accountability and reduces human error.

Smart Access Control​

Ensure only authorized individuals can access your most important assets with role-based access control.

24/7 Access​

Complete transaction and management services for your assets around the clock. 

Explore how we can enhance your operations with powerful asset storage solutions.

Smart Lockers Solutions: Uses & Benefits

Explore AssetTracer's dynamic applications, from RFID asset tracking to asset lifecycle management. Discover how intelligent lockers are transforming and optimizing processes across multiple industries.

AssetTracer Smart Lockers are usefull to a variety of use cases including Law Enforcement, Corporate Management and Hospitals

The Perfect Solution for Multiple Industries

Law Enforcement

Secure storage lockers for gun pools, police gear, evidence, tasers, two-way radios, body cameras, OC sprays, and other sensitive law enforcement assets.

Correctional Facilities

Securely store weapons, equipment, and visitor belongings in your facility. Charge radios, smartphones, and tablets, so they’re ready for the next user.


Your casino is always open, and you need an equipment management system that is too. Store everything from gaming accessories to radios, spare parts, and other electronics.

Educational Institutions

Secure storage and tracking for loaner laptops, A/V equipment, and electronics with in-locker charging capabilities.

Warehouse and Distribution Centers​

Manage, track, and keep charged your staff toolkits, handheld scanners and printers, radios, mobile devices, and ablets, so they’re always ready.

Corporate IT Departments

modular storage and management systems for laptops, mobile devices, two-way radios, and any other equipment your department needs to manage.

Hotels and Resorts​

Secure storage and automated tracking for your tablets, radios, conference room equipment, and other assets. Keep your electronic devices charged so they’re always ready.

Fleet and Transportation

secure storage and automated tracking for any kit your drivers need to take on the job. Charge laptops, tablets, and radios so they’re always ready for the next driver.

Powered by Intelligent Software

Unleash Intelligence

RTNHub Software

RTNHub Software shows you everything you need to know about your assets, lockers, and users. It lets you make instant updates and respond to alerts that you have customized. All available on both PCs and mobile devices.

AssetTracer smart lockers are not just about security; they're a strategic tool for optimizing workflows, reducing asset loss, and improving operational agility.

Lee Purvis-Chief Technology Officer

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AssetTracer Smart Lockers are Powered by Smart Software called RTNHub. This software shows you everything you need to know about your assets, lockers, and users.
RTNHub Logo

Smart Access Control​

Ensure only authorized individuals can access your most important assets with role-based access control.

Role-based access control (RBAC) ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information, minimizing the risk of breaches.

This system assigns specific roles to users, each with unique permissions. 

Role-based access control allows you to control your most important assets with AssetTracer Smart Access Control.

Smart Authentication Options

Our easy-to-use terminals prompts users through the take/return process, and its intuitive system keeps transactions fast, secure, and simple.

  • PIN Codes
  • Facial Readers
  • Card Access
  • Mobile Phones
  • Palm Recognition

Asset Fault Logging

Asset fault logging features are available on the terminal, allowing users to note a fault in the asset when being returned. An integrated camera optionally records users during transactions and includes the images or video in transaction logs for added accountability and security.

The Real Time Networks Smart Authentication Options are easy-to-use terminals that guide users through the take/return process.
  • Small 8 door icon

    Small 8 Door

    7.6” x 14” x 3.9”
    19.31 x 35.63 x 9.85cm

  • Medium 4 Door Icon

    Medium 4 Door

    7.6” x 14” x 8.8”
    19.31 x 35.63 x 22.31cm

  • Tall 2 Door Icon

    Tall 2 Door

    7.6” x 14” x 18.6”
    19.31 x 35.63 x 47.23cm

  • Double Tall 2 Door Icon

    Double Tall 2 Door

    7.6” x 14” x 38.2”
    19.31 x 35.63 x 97.07cm

  • Wide 4 Door Icon

    Wide 4 Door

    17.5” x 14” x 3.9”
    44.56 x 35.63 x 9.85cm

  • Wide 2 Door Icon

    Wide 2 Door

    17.5” x 14” x 8.8”
    44.56 x 35.63 x 22.31cm

  • Tall 1 Door Icon

    Tall 1 Door

    17.5” x 14” x 18.6”
    44.56 x 35.63 x 22.31cm

  • Double Tall 1 Door Icon

    Double Tall 1 Door

    17.5” x 14” x 38.2”
    44.56 x 35.63 x 97.07cm

Internal (W x D x H):
36” x 22.8” x 76”
External (W x D x H):
38" x 23.9" x 84"

Compartment door options:

  • Solid steel or steel mesh
  • Embedded terminal or side-mounted
AssetTracer Smart Lockers Compartment Door Options

Optional Features (AT and UT Series)

Asset Surveillance
RFID Icon Orange
TapID Icon Orange
In-compartment Power & Connectivity
USB Icon Orange
Power Icon Orange
Ethernet Icon Orange

Why Choose Real Time Networks

System Integrations Icon
System Integrations​
Unlock additional operational efficiencies by easily connecting the legacy systems your team relies on every day with RTNHub’s open API.
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Customer Support​
We support customers through our RealCare Program. Our qualified customer care professionals are ready to provide world-class customer support.
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Our modular design enables your organization to build a customized solution. Do you have any special requirements? We custom build on request.
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