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Top-performing schools and universities use Real Time Networks to deliver strong educational experiences to students and faculty alike.

Secure your campus

Ensure that all keys are accounted for at all times with automated transaction logging to keep classrooms, administrative offices, dorms, labs, and other facilities safe.

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Protect your assets

Safely store, manage, and charge electronics, radios, prescription drugs, campus police assets, and other items throughout their lifecycle.

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Maintain privacy

Keep sensitive student records, research, and private medical information confidential by controlling access to facilities and receiving automatic alerts when important items aren’t returned on time.

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Reduce operating expenses

Reclaim time otherwise spent managing and searching for keys and assets and invest it in other important areas of operations to enrich your educational offerings.

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Gain efficiencies

Automate parcel delivery and equipment distribution using smart lockers to make stuff available 24/7/365 and when convenient for students to pick up.


Complete key management solutions for schools, colleges, and other learning institutions.

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Key Tracking System

Easily locate keys to facilities, vehicles, and student residence buildings

Key Control System

Make sure your keys are securely stored, and always accounted for with automated real-time transactions, alerts, and reports

Key Exit Alarm

Find important keys rapidly during crisis scenarios or when needed


Intelligent Lockers designed to meet the needs of educational institutions like yours.

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Explore product line and solutions

Asset Tracking

Manage, access, and track who took what items and when with automated logging

Asset Protection

Prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing assets they shouldn’t

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Intelligent Lockers

Keep devices ready to go with built-in charging ports

Secure Storage

Have a secure pickup location for campus store orders

Real-Time Notifications

Get notified when unauthorized access or irregular use occurs

Optimize the student and faculty experience by using Real Time Networks to manage keys, assets, and other important items.

Keep your campus safe by removing guesswork from the equation with real-time key management solutions and intelligent asset lockers.