Educational Institutions

Key Control and Intelligent Asset Lockers

Real Time Networks offers a number of solutions for not only tracking and managing keys, but also securing assets, and keeping students and faculty safe.

Our automated key management solutions for educational institutions combine reliable hardware with browser-based software applications. They’re custom-designed and built exactly to your facility’s needs. They will help increase efficiency, all while giving your students, faculty, staff, and facility industry-leading protection.

We design totally integrated security solutions. Easily manage all of your institution’s security systems through a centralized, browser-based application. Generate customizable reports for any regulatory need.

We offer full life-cycle service. From your initial consultation, to customized installation, to on-site training for your personnel. This is followed by ongoing 24/7 phone support and on-site support.


Key Management Solutions

  • Real-time, automated transaction ensures your keys are always accounted for, keeping your classrooms, labs, and dorms safe
  • Locate critical keys at any time for medical issues, emergency lockdowns, or shelter in place events
  • Key Ring selections light up for easy and rapid collection of keys, simplifying key management for large institutions and increasing user-friendliness for staff
  • RFID technology is maintenance-free, with a lifetime guarantee on key fobs
  • Automated alerts can trigger alarms, emails, or texts if keys for confidential records, medical supplies, or lab materials are not promptly returned

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Intelligent Lockers

  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Automated transaction logging. Always know who took which key and when. 
  • Power up laptops, tablets, two-way radios and phones with built-in charging ports
  • Secure and control access to campus police assets, like firearms 
  • Protect heat-sensitive electronics with an integrated cooling system
  • Alerts for unauthorized access or irregular use can be distributed to security via email and text
  • Customize access for faculty and staff, or restrict access for students

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