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IT Asset Management Smart Lockers and Key Control Systems

Keep all of your mobile devices charged and ready using a smart locker system from Real Time Networks. Get automated digital management of your data center and other secure facility physical keys, too. Local operations and central management for your physical assets, just like for digital assets.

Boost Productivity and Security with Real Time Networks' Real-Time Monitoring and Management Systems

Don’t let time-consuming manual operations slow down your team. Real Time Networks’ smart management systems provide secure, automated transactions for keys and mobile devices. Your equipment managers can monitor every transaction in real-time from a modern, web-based dashboard.

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Data Center Asset Management & Key Control Solutions

Smart asset and key management systems allow you to control and monitor access to your critical assets and keys, which leads to safer operations and easier regulatory compliance.

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Smart Locker Device Storage & IT Equipment Tracking

AssetTracer smart lockers offer secure storage and tracking for loaner laptops, mobile devices, A/V equipment, and other valuable devices. In addition, in-locker charging ensures devices are always ready when people need them.

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Secure Key Management Solutions for IT Departments

Cut key loss down to zero using a KeyTracer smart key management system. Distribute key cabinets across your facility but manage them centrally. Give staff secure, reliable access to the keys they need around the clock.

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An IT employee checks the security status of the data center
  • Device Availability Icon Orange

    24/7 IT Device Availability

    • Facilitate easy access to vital equipment for users working beyond regular hours, on weekends, or in remote data centers. 
    • In-locker equipment surveillance ensures proper sign-out and return. 
    • Adapt to users' needs at any time of day with customizable transaction checklists, gathering essential information efficiently.

  • Operating Efficiency Icon Orange

    IT Department Enhanced Efficiency

    • Automate data collection to eliminate the need for time-consuming manual entry of transactions and device usage. 
    • Users can report damage instantly via automated checklists, streamlining the process for break/fix technicians. 
    • Generate detailed usage reports rapidly, giving users back valuable work hours previously spent on key management.

  • Enable Your Police Force

    IT Equipment Loss Prevention

    • Maintain a complete digital record of device sign-outs for accountability.
    • Signout checklists promote responsibility for equipment condition.
    • Automated tracking saves time in locating misplaced assets

  • Complete Audit Trail of Every Transaction Icon Orange

    Real-Time Equipment Insights

    • Leverage a modern web-based management dashboard for real-time updates.  
    • Track performance across all installed lockers effortlessly.
    • Access key and asset sign-out information with just a few clicks. 

Smart Locker Solutions for Secure IT Asset Management

AssetTracer smart lockers are modular storage and management systems for laptops, mobile devices, and any other equipment you need to secure. Equipment surveillance sensors inside compartments read RFID tags to verify equipment during transactions.


Features & Benefits

Keep IT Devices Ready 24/7 Icon Orange

Keep Devices Ready Around the Clock

  • Give users working after hours, on the weekend, or in remote data centers an easy way to sign out laptops or other critical assets
  • In-locker equipment surveillance monitors devices to verify everything is properly signed out and returned
  • Customizable transaction checklists help you collect the information you need from users no matter the time of day
Loss Prevention Icon Orange

Prevent IT Equipment Damage & Losses

  • Digital, error-free transaction logging gives you a complete record of who has which devices signed out
  • Signout checklists keep everyone accountable for equipment damage
  • Automated tracking saves you work hours spent searching for misplaced laptops, electronics, and other equipment
Detailed Equipment Transaction Logging Icon Orange

Detailed IT Equipment Transaction Logging

  • Detailed logging creates an airtight record of which users signed out which equipment
  • Customizable reports you can pull from the management dashboard on your PC, phone, or tablet
  • Identify patterns in physical asset use across your organization you might not have seen before without digital reporting tools
Operational Efficiency Icon Orange

Operate Your IT Department More Efficiently

  • Automated data collection eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry on transactions and device usage
  • Have users report damage using an automated checklist when they sign out or return a device to notify break/fix technicians instantly
  • Fit locker compartments with integrated charging ports to ensure all laptops and mobile devices are ready for the next user
24-7 Readiness Icon Orange

Better Workforce Enablement

  • Easy-to-use locker and access terminal design enables your workforce to get the devices they need when they need them
  • Better workforce enablement makes your staff more effective at their jobs without sacrificing security
  • Smart automation technology gives any organization the control they need to protect sensitive devices
Customized to Your Needs Icon Orange

Customized for Your Organization

  • Bespoke hardware and software design
  • Modular cabinets stack in whatever configuration you need to hold your equipment
  • Adaptable management software that RTN engineers can customize to your needs

Secure Key Management Solutions for IT Departments

A KeyTracer system allows facility and IT managers to control who accesses which keys 24/7. You can assign key permissions to individuals, business units, or departments. Those authorized users can sign out keys any time they need and reserve keys easily from a PC, phone, or tablet using a secure login.

KTA Locker-no-biometric-scanner_

Features & Benefits

Insights in Real Time Icon Orange

Get Insights in Real Time

  • Modern web-based management dashboard gives you updates in real time
  • Track performance from every installed key locker in your organization
  • See who has which keys signed out in just a couple of clicks
Key Loss Prevention Orange Icon

Prevent Key Loss

  • Digital transaction logging eliminates human error and greatly reduces the chances of keys being lost
  • Supervisors can receive instant alerts when facility keys are overdue for a return
  • Avoid unnecessary rekeying expenses and, more importantly, operational delays
Increased Productivity Orange Icon

Optimize Your Team’s Performance

  • Team members sign keys in and out in seconds, so they get to work fast
  • Easily lock fleet keys out of circulation when users report vehicle maintenance needed
  • Rotate key sign-outs to distribute wear-and-tear across your fleet
Process Automation Orange Icon

Automate Time Consuming Work

  • Focus your work hours on your core mission instead of on manual key management
  • Generate detailed reports on key use in seconds
  • Give your users work time back every month they have spent manually organizing, managing, and waiting for keys
Improve Your Operations Icon Orange

Improve Your IT Department Operations

  • Key lockers across your facilities connect to a single remote management dashboard
  • Place key lockers where they are needed most and eliminate wasted work time traveling back and forth to get secured keys
  • Issue key or user updates in real time to get people on the job faster

Secure, automated transactions whenever users need a key or device

Allow your users to get the devices they need, on their own, at any time, without sacrificing security or accountability. Monitor transactions in real time so you always know who has which devices. Give users an easy way to report issues so you can get devices in and out of circulation as fast as possible.

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