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Save money and time by automating your mobile device management.

Increase Accountability  

AssetTracer smart lockers can help to store and manage electronic devices efficiently.  It offers a simple mobile device management solution for organizations with a pool of shared devices. RTN Smart Terminal and RTNHub software records all user activity in real time and allows you to find any device when you need it.

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Eliminate loss & theft
  • Reduce costs and optimize use of your devices
  • Automate break/fix operations

Store tablets, laptops, smart phones, ipods, scanners

Features & Benefits

  • Assign devices to specific users at specific times
  • RFID and USB Asset Tracking technology allows each asset to be individually identified by the system
  • Eliminate time spent on locating devices and manual record keeping
  • Audit who is currently using the equipment, who used it previously and when it was returned
  • Receive alerts for late returns or no return
  • Ensure that equipment is readily available and fit to use with built-in charging facilities
  • Fault logging locks items and prevents use until the fault has been fixed
  • Integration with existing access control systems

Control access to lockers with a PIN, Prox card, biometrics or smart phone

User friendly access control terminal walks users through the process and only allows authorized users to take the device that is assigned to them.

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