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vehicle asset tracking

What Is an Indoor Positioning System? How to use it for business safety?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) have many potential safety and security applications. But figuring out how to apply this new and powerful technology in your organization can sometimes be confusing. You can do so much with indoor positioning that it can sometimes be tricky figuring out where to start.
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smart locker systems

Secure Asset Storage Improves Efficiency at Major Food Service Co.

Real Time Results — A Series of Confidential Case Studies
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equipment tracking system

Equipment Tracking Systems: Choose the Right Tech for Loss Prevention

Many businesses rely on outdated, manual equipment tracking processes. They recognize the value in tracking their equipment to prevent unnecessary losses, but they don’t believe an automated equipment tracking system will be easy or cost-effective to implement.
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asset lockers

The True Cost of Asset Loss in a Digital World

As we all know, theft and asset loss are an unfortunate part of running a business. According to recent studies, 25% of employees have lost important assets relating to their job, and shoplifting combined with Employee Fraud and Theft cost retailers nearly $50 billion last year. While there are many tools to mitigate this loss, human error will...
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asset protection

Asset Management in the Age of the BYOD Workplace

Managing electronic assets at your business is difficult enough without having to worry about your staff’s personal devices. But this has become a common problem with the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) expectations at many companies. Sometimes the expectation is pushed by employees, but sometimes it’s driven by employers themselves. 
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vehicle asset tracking

Electronic Access Control: How It Works & Why You Need It

Access control sounds like something we should only encounter in high-security settings, but it is more commonplace than you might think. Access control is any tool or system designed to ensure only authorized personnel can enter a particular space or acquire a specific resource. Everything, from your car key to the PIN-code on your apartment...
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asset management

Our Top 6 Creative Uses for Smart Lockers

There’s a reason that we call our asset lockers ‘ smart lockers ’. When people think ‘asset locker’ they often just envision storage space. But they can be much more.
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evidence storage cabinets

Evidence Storage Cabinets: What to Look for Before Your Purchase

The criminal justice system depends on evidence staying in an unbroken chain of custody from a crime scene to the courtroom. Evidence storage cabinets can be useful tools for law enforcement agencies to improve how they store and manage evidence in their custody.
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Law Enforcement

5 Tips for Selecting Asset Tracking Software for Law Enforcement

Even in the best of conditions, keeping the public safe is a difficult job. But that job is often made even more challenging for law enforcement agencies by the need to work within limited budgets, abide by evolving regulatory standards, and keep up with the shifting priorities of local governments.
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asset tracking

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Asset Tracking Tags

Using asset tracking tags can significantly improve how your company manages its equipment and other important assets. However, tags can’t do much by themselves. You need to put effective management technology and business processes in place around them; otherwise, they’re no more useful than a label.
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