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industrial automation and iot

7 Wastes of Lean and How to Streamline Your Operations to Avoid Them

Everyone wants to do more with less. But in business, finding reliable ways to do more is easier said than done. Entire consulting industries have risen based on the shaky promise of finding those types of solutions. Do solutions really exist? 
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7 Challenges of Remote Working You Can Overcome With RTLS

One of its greatest consequences of the Covid pandemic was to increase the wide use of hybrid work schedules. This trend was already underway before the pandemic, but the pandemic accelerated companies' adoption of remote working schedules. 
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key management

How Electronic Key Management Systems Optimize Key Control

We may live and work in an increasingly digital world, but when it comes to access control, physical keys are here to stay. The main reason for their staying power is that physical keys are very cost-effective for the level of security that they provide.  
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Physical security

Physical Access Control: How It Works in 2022

Choosing the right access control system for your organization can be a daunting task. One of the primary reasons why is that the range of authentication methods to choose from is broader today than ever before.
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equipment tracking system

Stay Organized With EMT & Hospital Equipment Tracking

The healthcare system has been under severe strain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Budgets are tight, staff is stretched thin, and there just aren’t enough resources of any kind to go around. As a result, hospitals, EMS agencies, and other healthcare providers are looking for tools that can help relieve the pressure on their overworked personnel.
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electronic key management system

9 Objections to Smart Fleet Management Systems and How to Overcome Them

It never fails. You’ve identified a problem in your department’s operations, you’ve formulated a solution, and found a piece of technology to automate the work for you. Everything aligns perfectly. And then employees refuse to use the new system.  
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asset management

How Industries Use Smart Lockers to Secure and Manage Valuable Assets

Asset lockers sound like straightforward security products. You put valuable equipment in, only authorized users can take the equipment back out, end of story. However, when you add in smart automation technology, smart lockers can become powerful tools for managing how your wider business operates. 
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electronic key management system

How Fleet Key Management Can Save You Six Figures

Afleet manager’s day is never dull. They have reservations to manage, emergency use requests to field, and maintenance schedules to keep. And those are just the day-to-day tasks. We’re not even mentioning the important long-term planning, like budgeting, procurement, and lease management. 
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emergency preparedness

Emergency Mustering Systems Help With More Than Just Evacuations

Today’s workplaces are fluid, with people constantly coming and going. In recent years, the growth of hybrid working plans has only made them more fluid, so it is more challenging for a health and safety officer to know who is in the office on any given day. They need new tools. 
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Correctional Facilities

Top Policing and Law Enforcement Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Policing and law enforcement are changing faster than ever before. Technological innovation is bringing many new tools into policing and, at the same time, public attitudes and policies about policing are changing. These shifts are transforming the very foundation of law enforcement and policing strategies.  
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