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Watch our video to see how KeyTracer Key Location Systems work.

Real Time Location Solutions for Keys

Whether you’re controlling gaming, facility or vehicle keys, our Real Time Key Location Solution can help make key control easier. This solution allows you to quickly locate lost or missing keys, and provides real time information on who has which keys, how long they’ve had them in their possession, where they have been taken, and provides real-time SMS alerts when the keys are taken outside the facility.

  • Real-time alerts: Automatically sends alerts to a computer or smart phone if a key is taken out of authorized area or out of facility.
  • Multiple Security Zones: Easily set up multiple security zones for automated tracking of keys.
  • Quickly locate lost or missing keys, prevent key theft and security breaches

RTNHub Software

RTNHub screenshot
  • Manage all of your keys, assets, and people in one single software platform.
  • Browser-based application supports administration across multiple locations
  • Emergency operation mode - all systems remain operational even in the event of a power or network failure. 
  • Reports show where keys are in real time, who has them and since when.
  • Get alerts when keys are taken outside of an authorized area 
  • Export and/or email reports in any format


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