KeyTracer Key Management Systems

RFID-based KeyTracer Key Control Systems provide 100% accuracy and allow you to track and control who can access keys and when. 

  • Low total cost of ownership for a Key Management Solution
  • Complete audit trail of every key transaction in real time
  • Software enables total control with extensive insight and reporting
  • Customizable and modular Key Cabinets designed exactly to each customer's requirements.
  • Lifetime guarantee on key fobs
  • Integrations with leading access control systems

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AssetTracer Smart Lockers

Just like your keys—secure, track and control the usage of your organization's most valuable assets, including two-way radios, electronic devices, firearms, laptops, narcotics, evidence kits… anything you need to track or can’t afford to lose. 

  • Smart Terminal controls access to each compartment with multiple options for authentication: PIN, proximity card, biometric readers or iris scan
  • Keep your items ready for use with built in charging stations.
  • Add content surveillance technology or integrated scales for better tracking and auditing
  • Customizable modules allow you to pick the exact compartments you need.

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RTNmobile Solutions

Build security into the infrastructure of your entire facility with fully connected security and tracking solutions, including Key Exit Alarms, and Real Time Location Systems for keys, assets, and people. 

  • Always know exactly where to find your vital keys, assets, and people.
  • Keep a constant record of where these valuable assets move within your facility.
  • Sound the alarm the second keys or assets are taken near an exit door.
  • Real Time Guard Tour Solutions
  • Emergency mustering and automated roll call

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Real Time Networks RTNHub application

RTNHub centralizes events, alarms and reporting for KeyTracer, AssetTracer and RTNmobile solutions into a single application. Streamline management of your keys, assets, and people in one place.  

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Thousands of Customers Rely on Real Time Networks for Total Peace of Mind


“...Real Time Network's Key Tracer system stood out as the most reliable and robust system, with the ability for users to unlock and access only the keys that have been assigned to them, a full audit trail of every key set, and real-time alerts when keys are not returned.''


“The savings in staff man hours far outweigh the cost of the electronic key cabinets and asset locker system. Not only did the system pay for itself quickly, we’ve gained in staff accountability, efficiency and eliminated personnel’s frustrations with wait time.”


“(...) real-time reports and alerts allow us to track the whereabouts of keys in real-time. I can set up alerts that allow me to track the issue and return of specific key sets. I can also restrict or remove access to one or more key sets remotely, which saves time.” 

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