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Take smart control of your assets and keys, streamline your operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and security.

AssetTracer Smart Lockers

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Smart Lockers

Our asset tracking solution helps you know where the most important assets of your organization are at all times to maximize productivity and profits.
KeyTracer Smart Key Management System

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Smart Key Management System

With our key tracking system, you can manage, track, and secure your facilities and fleet keys. Know where keys are and who took which keys when.

Our Success is Defined by Our Customers’ Success

Today’s leading organizations rely on Real Time Networks to protect their keys, assets, and people.

We’re committed to your success, and we’re always here to help you get the most out of your investment in us.


AssetTracer - Asset Management and Tracking Solutions

AssetTracer is an intelligent storage solution that enables you to securely store and track your valuable items—including electronics, weapons, evidence, and other sensitive assets. With AssetTracer, you can prevent asset loss and misplacement while controlling access, automating a full audit trail, and ensuring compliance.

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KeyTracer - Key Tracking System Logo

KeyTracer is the world’s most reliable key tracking system that delivers all the tools you need to improve key control in one powerful and sophisticated feature-rich solution. With KeyTracer, you get complete control over every key in your possession, enabling you to secure your facilities and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to buildings, vehicles, and valuables.

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Today’s leading organizations rely on Real Time Networks to secure and manage their physical keys and critical assets.

monitor with precision


Use RFID technology to monitor keys, assets, and people with high accuracy and reliability.



Save time searching for people and things and reinvest it in other important areas of operations.

Reduce operational costs


Increase efficiency across daily operations to keep costs under control.

integrate with other systems


Extend your investment by connecting your RTN solution to access control, telematics, help desk, and other legacy systems.

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Eliminate loss and theft of keys and assets to avoid costly rekeying and procurement processes.



Get a bird’s-eye view of keys, assets, and people across multiple facilities, fleets, and sites.

Improve team productivity, reduce administrative costs, and make sure your most important assets are secure with robust tracking, management, and monitoring solutions from Real Time Networks.

Our powerful suite of tracking, storing, and monitoring solutions help organizations like yours protect their assets and operate more effectively.

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Purchasing Contracts

Real Time Networks Inc. is a participating vendor with the following collective purchasing contracts.

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    Real Time Networks is a participating vendor in the North Carolina Sheriff's Association (NCSA) Technology Procurement Program which is open to county and city government agencies in all 50 US states.
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    Real Time Networks is a contract holder with Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) through which we offer preferential pricing and expedited procurement to local, state and Federal government agencies, educational institutions, Indian tribal governments, and non-profit, non-taxed organizations in all 50 states, U.S. Territories, Canada and Mexico.

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