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fleet management

The Evolution of Fleet Management Solutions

Over the last several decades, computers and technology have radically altered how we carry out every business practice. Fleet management is no exception. Today’s telematics and digital automation tools offer a level of management and insight never before possible.
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20 Ways Smart Lockers Improve Campus Security and Make Life Better

Much like the rest of business and society, higher education has gone digital. Online classrooms, projects, tests—much of what students, faculty, and staff need to do nowadays is digital.
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smart locker systems

How Smart Lockers Support Workforce Enablement

Put simply, workforce enablement is everything a company does to make it easier for its workers to carry out their jobs. Sounds straightforward, right? Not necessarily.
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asset management

Managing Asset Lifecycle Better With a Smart Asset Management System

Turbulent economies, shrinking budgets, volatile labor markets, businesses have to contend with a lot of uncertainty today. So no wonder many are looking for ways to make operations more predictable and cost-effective.
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Guard Tour Security

Ultimate Guide to Security Guard Tour Systems

A guard tour system is an integrated network of wireless sensors connected to a central software dashboard you use to manage and log their guards’ rounds. Reliable real time security guard tour systems improve the speed and effectiveness of your security patrols. They also help mitigate human errors that might otherwise creep into your operations.
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Physical security

How to Design Better Physical Security Training Programs

Large, complex organizations have many security needs. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, when you have many moving parts, it tends to introduce many unexpected vulnerabilities.
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asset management

Make Asset Management Better With an Equipment Tracking System

Locker systems are excellent tools for managing equipment. And the “smarter” your lockers get, the more effective they become. Adding content surveillance to your equipment tracking system is an excellent way to improve its effectiveness.
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