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What is a Physical Key Management System?

By Shannon Arnold on Nov 19, 2019

Business everywhere may be going digital, but physical keys will be part of security plans for a long time to come. And for good reason. Lock and key security provides an excellent level of security and access control, and it’s affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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Key Control Helps Reduce a Major Telecom's Fleet Expenses 28%

By Shannon Arnold on Jun 25, 2019

Real Time Results — A Series of Confidential Case Studies

This case study is part of a new ongoing series that gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most challenging and sensitive business problems Real Time Networks has helped solve. The clients are confidential. The results are real.

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4 Aspects of Hotel Security Solutions that Matter

By Shannon Arnold on Apr 23, 2019

Identifying the best security tools that actually align with your hotel’s needs can be challenging. Even just researching new systems can feel like wading through a sea of buzzwords. RFID, analytics, IoT. It’s frustrating trying to figure out what’s actually relevant for your particular facility.

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Ameristar Casino Hotel Improves Key Control and Security

By Shannon Arnold on Aug 22, 2017

Ameristar Gains in Efficiency and Ensures That Stringent State Regulations are Met

Pinnacle Entertainment properties are not strangers to automated key control and key management best practices, having implemented these many years ago. However, over the years, their initial experience with key control had shed light on opportunities for improvement, which were recently put into practice at the Ameristar Casino Hotel in Iowa.

The Need for More Reliable Key Control

The organization’s first key cabinets relied on metal-to-metal contact for key tags to be accurately read by the system. Chris Hamblin, Director of Security and Facilities at Ameristar adds: “The reality is that metal-contact key tags get dirty and corroded over time, which affects the system’s ability to make contact, and its reliability. It’s labor intensive to keep them clean, and that often falls under the responsibility of Security.”

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An Effective Key Control Policy in 4 Steps

By Shannon Arnold on Jul 19, 2017

The pin tumbler lock has been around for about 6,000 years. The Egyptians developed a lock and wooden key (about 2 feet long!) using the same basic principles as your front door deadbolt. With so much attention paid to the high-tech layers of a security program – intrusion detection, video analytics, electronic access control – it’s easy to forget just how critical a well-designed lock is; and just how vulnerable an inexpensive metal key can make you.

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