Smart locker systems are deceptively powerful business tools. They're versatile platforms capable of supporting many different use cases across various industries. They tackle real-life problems using digital solutions, from managing equipment to ensure compliance in business processes to handling contactless deliveries.

Can something as straightforward as a locker be that effective at managing workflows? Thanks to the latest generation of smart sensor technology and software, yes, they can. 

This article describes how secure smart lockers work and details eighty—yes, eighty—use cases across different sectors. 


What is a Smart Locker System? 

Unlike regular lockers that just store things, smart smart locker systems use integrated computers and sensors to manage inventories and control workflows within which stored equipment is used. For example, a smart weapons locker can log issues police officers report upon weapon return, automatically flagging the weapon for inspection. They could log a misaligned sight or a more critical performance or safety issue.

Core Components of Smart Locker Systems  

Locker cabinets     

Smart locker systems may be smart technology, but every system is built upon a set of traditional lockers, typically in one or more cabinets. Some systems are expandable or modular to accommodate changing storage needs and highly variable asset types across different industries.



Smart panel           

This is a user authentication panel. Modern systems typically use a touchscreen or other computer-assisted interface, but a PIN pad or badge swipe terminal can also be used for low-security, simple workflow needs. Advanced systems rely on multifactor authentication or biometrics for access control.



Asset surveillance       

This is a sensor network embedded inside lockers to monitor stored assets. They typically use wireless RFID or wired USB connections to monitor items in lockers, alerting if the wrong item is returned or for fault codes.




Management dashboard        

The smart panel and asset surveillance network may collect the data, but the software management dashboard turns that data into valuable business intelligence. In your smart locker system dashboard, you can view automatically logged transactions, see alerts for late returns, and modify user and asset availability schedules as needed.


Service & Support        

Smart locker systems are living technologies. They’re going to grow and change along with your business. So, looking beyond the hardware and software is important to evaluate the support different providers can offer.





80 Ways Different Industries Use Smart Locker Systems 

Our AssetTracer system has unlocked new, powerful solutions for organizations in many sectors. If you can store an asset in an equipment locker, then AssetTracer systems can improve their management.

Curious how? Here are 80 ways high-security locker systems have transformed asset management for our valued customers.

Law Enforcement locker systems


Evidence storage

Essential for law enforcement agencies, smart locker systems ensure proper intake and the well-organized preservation of evidence. They can be pivotal to ongoing investigations and to supporting legal proceedings.


Firearm lockers

Purpose-built secure storage solutions are designed to house and protect police department firearms. They ensure accountability for firearm use and facilitate maintenance requests. Also, controlling and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. 


Ongoing evidence management

Lockers streamline the handling, cataloging, and tracking of evidence items, optimizing investigative processes.

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Police department lockers

These lockers streamline daily operations, allowing officers to store and retrieve their gear efficiently, contributing to enhanced readiness and organizational efficiency within law enforcement agencies.


Police officer personal storage

You can better safeguard personal items and equipment belonging to law enforcement personnel by offering secure and organized storage facilities within police departments.


Police uniform storage

Provide a secure space for storing law enforcement uniforms, ensuring they are well-maintained and easily accessible when required for duty.


Confidential document holding

Securely store and manage sensitive paperwork integral to police operations, maintaining confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access to classified information.


Civilian property storage

Facilitate the secure storage of seized or recovered items. This helps ensure proper documentation and preservation of evidence for legal purposes and the eventual return of collateral materials to civilians once proceedings are complete.


Maintain chain of custody

Monitor and record the chain of custody for evidence, ensuring the integrity and admissibility of evidence throughout legal proceedings.


Controlled access

Regulate access to restricted materials, ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive equipment and information. 

Fleets & Transportation locker systems 


Vehicle key storage

Implementing secure storage solutions to protect and automatically manage the keys for a fleet of vehicles. Electronic lockers ensure easy access and minimize the risk of loss or unauthorized use.


Equipment lockers

Providing secure and organized compartments for storing essential tools and equipment for vehicle maintenance and repair. Lockers streamline workflows for individual user transactions and equipment maintenance.


Fleet management

The smart management software in locker systems oversees and streamlines logistical operations within the fleet, optimizing scheduling, routing, and resource allocation for enhanced operational efficiency.


Vehicle tracking

Smart locker systems can help monitor and manage fleet vehicles' real-time location and status by tracking key access.


Key management

Implementing protocols and systems to securely manage and track access to vehicle keys, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or key loss.


Managing tool maintenance

Effectively managing tool maintenance ensures that essential equipment is always ready. This minimizes downtime and enhances operational efficiency.


Storing driver personal items

Offering designated storage space within transportation facilities for drivers to store their personal belongings while on duty.


Vehicle access control lockers

Regulating and managing access to fleet vehicles, implementing measures to control entry and usage, enhancing locker security, and ensuring vehicle availability for authorized personnel only.


Fleet security

Prioritizing the safety and protection of transportation assets by implementing security measures and protocols to safeguard against theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access.


Vehicle inspection

Organizing tools and equipment essential for thorough vehicle inspections, providing a centralized and secure location for inspection tools to ensure compliance and maintenance standards are met.

Correctional Facilities locker systems 


Inmate property storage

Implementing secure storage systems to safely house and manage personal belongings for inmates, ensuring their items are safeguarded during their stay. 


Contraband storage

Establishing secure containment systems to prevent the unauthorized possession or distribution of prohibited items within correctional facilities. 


Evidence lockers

Providing secure and monitored storage units to hold and track evidence collected within correctional settings. Smart locker systems ensure the integrity and chain of custody of held evidence. 


Prison security

Enhancing overall security measures within correctional facilities by implementing stringent protocols and advanced technologies to ensure safety and prevent security breaches. 


Inmate personal item storage

Offering secure storage solutions designed for inmates to securely store their personal belongings while adhering to facility regulations and safety standards. 


Correctional officer equipment storage

Establishing secure storage spaces for correctional officers to store essential items and equipment necessary for their duties. 


Controlled substance storage

Secure storage systems for controlled substances within correctional facilities, such as narcotic medication, weapons, and other items. Lockers help enforce regulatory compliance and prevent unauthorized access. 


Evidence handling

Facilitating the proper handling and preservation of evidence through established protocols and secure storage facilities, ensuring the integrity of evidence throughout legal proceedings. 


Evidence tracking

Becoming a tracking system enforcing proper procedures and protocols over the movement and location of evidence. This will ensure accurate documentation and chain of custody. 


Secure inmate belongings storage

Ensuring secure and organized storage solutions tailored to inmate items, providing a controlled and safe environment for their personal belongings. 

Hotels & Resorts locker systems 


Guest item storage

Offering secure and monitored storage space to hold and manage guests' items throughout their stay safely. 


Luggage storage

Providing a secure space for temporarily storing guests' luggage. Smart locker systems can offer additional peace of mind while they await check-in/check-out times. 


Valuable storage

Hold valuable items belonging to guests, such as jewelry, important documents, or other high-value possessions, with specialized security and access control measures. 


Hotel physical key management

Managing guest room keys and back-of-house keys for hospitality staff. 


Secure lost and found

Organized systems to catalog and store lost items found within the hotel premises. Smart locker systems provide guests with a safe and orderly environment to retrieve their misplaced belongings. 


Guest access control

Regulating access to items designated for guest use, such as A/V equipment for conference rooms. You’ll ensure that only authorized individuals can access certain amenities or facilities. 


Employee personal item storage

Providing secure storage for staff belongings. 


Housekeeping equipment storage

Organizing and storing housekeeping equipment and supplies in designated areas, facilitating efficient access to necessary tools for cleaning and maintenance. 


Concierge services

Offering storage for items used by concierge staff to assist guests, ensuring easy access to essential resources for guest services. 


Guest security

Ensuring the safety and security of guests' items through monitored and controlled storage solutions, maintaining a secure environment for their possessions. 

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Warehouses & Manufacturing locker systems 


Employee personal items

Providing secure storage solutions for employees' personal belongings within warehouses, ensuring a safe and organized environment for staff.


Inventory management

Implementing systematic tracking for warehouse inventory items and equipment. This streamlines critical stock control and replenishment processes. 


Tool storage

Establishing secure spaces for safeguarding tools and equipment used in warehouse operations. This enhances accessibility and minimizes loss and damage. 


Offering secure storage solutions tailored for specific warehouse equipment, ensuring they are charged, prepared, and in working order when idle. 


Valuable item storage

Safeguarding high-value items or sensitive materials within warehouses through secure storage protocols and enhanced security measures. 


Material handling

Organizing and managing the storage of diverse materials utilized in manufacturing processes, optimizing the workflow efficiency for any operations within which your personnel use those items. 


Asset protection

Ensuring the security and protection of valuable warehouse assets against loss, theft, or damage. 


Warehouse security

Enhancing security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access or potential risks to the facility and its assets. 


Parts storage

Provides secure storage for manufacturing parts, organizes inventory to streamline operations, and facilitates easy access. 


Manufacturing safety

Supporting corporate safety policies by securely organizing and storing equipment within busy warehouse environments. 

Casino locker systems 


Employee lockers

Offering secure storage for casino staff members to hold personal belongings during their shifts. 


Gaming chip storage

Safeguarding and efficiently organizing gaming chips in the casino. 


Securely control access to specific areas or items within the casino premises, enhancing overall security measures and access control. 

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Cash handling

Implementing secure protocols for organized cash storage within the casino. 


VIP belongings storage

Providing specialized secure storage solutions for VIP guest belongings. Casinos can offer enhanced customer service to some of their most important clientele. 


Security access

Regulating access to critical assets within casino premises. 


Player personal items

Offering secure storage for players' personal belongings while they enjoy the casino's amenities. 


Asset protection

Ensuring comprehensive security and protection measures for valuable assets within the casino. 


Surveillance equipment

Securely storing surveillance-related equipment to maintain the integrity and functionality of the casino's security systems.


Gaming asset control

Organizing and managing gaming assets to ensure proper maintenance schedules are met. 

Corporate IT Department locker systems 


Securely store and organize IT-related equipment to ensure easy access and compliance with important maintenance schedules.

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Device charging

Providing designated charging stations for laptops, mobile devices, and other handheld electronics. 


Data security

Implementing robust measures to ensure IT-related data and sensitive information security and integrity. 

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Device management

Efficiently organize and manage IT devices to optimize operational workflows and productivity. 


Track and manage the movement and status of IT assets to monitor their usage and maintenance better.


Access control

Regulating access to specific IT-related resources and areas to ensure security measures. 


Server room access

Ensuring controlled server access to protect critical IT infrastructure. 


Enhancing security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access and breaches. 


Personal item storage

Providing secure storage options for employees' belongings within secure data centers and other sensitive tech-focused facilities. 


IT asset protection

Implementing measures to safeguard valuable IT-related assets from damage and theft. 

Educational Institutions locker systems 


Student personal items

Offering secure storage options for students' personal belongings. 


Providing secure holding space and charging for laptops and electronic devices used by students and faculty. 


Textbook storage

Holding a lending library of textbooks to ensure easy access for educational purposes. 


Campus security

Enhancing overall security measures to ensure a safe learning environment. 

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Library storage

Managing library resources for easy access and retrieval.


Athletic equipment distribution

Providing storage solutions for sports equipment. Easily distribute lending equipment to club teams for open gyms or manage expensive equipment for collegiate teams.


Access control

Regulating access to sensitive institution equipment and physical keys to ensure security and safety.


School materials

Organizing and storing educational materials for easy access by students and faculty. 


Faculty storage

Providing secure storage options for faculty personal items and materials.


Controlled access

Managing access to educational resources to maintain integrity and security. 


What Can Smart Locker Systems Do for You? 

These are just some of the uses we’ve developed for our customers with our AssetTracer smart locker system. With many different hardware and software options, any organization can customize a locker system tailored to their needs.

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