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Choosing the right type of access control can be a daunting task. The range of different authentication methods on the market today is broader than ever. Each method has its strengths, too. So how do...

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Video - KeyTracer RFID Key Fob Torture Test

There’s a reason that each KeyTracer RFID key fob comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s because we know they are designed to stand up to whatever abuse they might face in your workplace.

10 Best Practices for Casino Key Management

Physical keys are an excellent, cost-effective form of access control. We may live in an increasingly-digital world full of networked business systems and always-on IoT devices, but the usefulness of...

Best Practices for Managing Warehouse Scanners

Modern warehouses and distribution centers are hives of activity. Workers, inventory, and equipment buzz around in a non-stop dance to get orders on the road. Hopefully, on time.

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