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Posts about Asset Management (4)

Manage Firefighter Tools The Easy Way

Most civilians don’t appreciate just how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep fire departments organized and ready. The firefighting heroics in movies and on TV shape their perceptions. They...

6 Tips for Better Equipment Inventory Tracking

Equipment management is an afterthought at some companies. But those companies are usually surprised when they get around to adding up the costs of their equipment losses and operating...

The True Cost of Asset Loss in a Digital World

As we all know, theft and asset loss are an unfortunate part of running a business. According to recent studies, 25% of employees have lost important assets relating to their job, and shoplifting...

Our Top 6 Creative Smart Locker Solutions

There’s a reason that we call our asset lockers ‘smart lockers’. When people think ‘asset locker’ they often just envision storage space. But they can be much more.

Top 10 Equipment Inventory Management Practices to Follow

How many different pieces of equipment are used by your business every day? We don’t just mean things like screwdrivers and wrenches—what about laptops? Handheld scanners? Specialized instruments?

30+ Physical Security Awareness Tips for Your Entire Organization

A strong physical security program should protect your organization against major threats like crime, natural disasters, and pandemics. It should also protect against day-to-day risks by tracking who...