Researching new hotel security systems for your venue can feel like slogging through a swamp of buzzwords. What’s really important? Do you care about IoT capability and system integration? Does it matter how the system improves your process control?

Everyone’s needs are in flux too, as hotels, resorts, and every venue in the hospitality industry struggles to understand what the volatile market wants in 2023 and beyond. However, those able to adapt can expect to thrive. They need to think about their hotel security strategies. 

This article guides you through the swamp of buzzwords and shows you ten features that actually matter in hotel security and management systems. If you’re looking for a technology to solve an ops or customer service problem, then this article will help you identify which products will actually generate value and offer a better experience for your guests today and tomorrow. 

10 Security System Features That Actually Matter 

We’ve had to rethink many aspects of business management with the shift towards hybrid working—team building, performance management, and project management are all affected. Emergency management is just another aspect to rethink, but one many companies are only getting to now. 

Here are some best practices to follow when revising your emergency management program to account for hybrid working plans. 


Process control capability

Many hotels are looking for ways to leverage ops technology to help them do more with fewer staff members. Labor markets remain tight, and many hotels and other venues find themselves stretched too thin turning over rooms on schedule and keeping guests happy. 

To streamline hotel operations, you want better process control, a business concept borrowed from the manufacturing world. Put simply, process control means designing hotel work processes so they happen as consistently and efficiently as possible. You look for ways to reduce unexpected events from slowing down your service without hurting quality. 

Provisioning housekeeping and customer service staff with tablets help you get up-to-the-second tracking on room turnovers and guest requests. Using tablets to mediate housekeeping work provides hotel security managers with better insights. It makes work easier for staff by offering checklists and easy communication with supervisors and coworkers so they can always get what they need. 

But tablet-managed process control only works if you have a reliable way to store, charge, and distribute tablets, like a hotel MDM system (Mobile device management). So look for smart security locker systems that offer consistent, reliable process control capabilities. Make sure they have the smart data collection capabilities to reveal who has which devices, which are charged so they’ll last an entire shift, and when devices are overdue for return so you can find them before they’re misplaced. 

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Security strategy for hotels is a complex topic. There are many things to consider when choosing new security systems for your hotel. But if you are looking for new hotel security systems with these ten features, you’re already on the right track. 

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