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Building security

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Developing an Enterprise Security Strategy

The goal of any security system is to permit only the movement that you actually want of people, assets, or data within your facility. That principle remains the same whether it’s officers and inmates in a corrections facility, mobile devices with sensitive data at a power plant, or forklifts in a warehouse.  A proper Enterprise Security...
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People tracking

5 Ways Security Tech Helps Utilities with NERC Compliance

The utilities industry has the rare challenge of being accountable both for its own security and for the public’s. The penalties for even a small lapse in compliance are severe, let alone an actual breach. And as recent announcements by NERC make clear we can only expect Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards to get more rigorous over...
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Tips & Tricks

ROI Series: 6-Step Security Solution Purchasing Process

To help businesses as they head into budget planning, Real Time Networks has produced a new guide for getting maximum value from new physical security capital purchases.
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key management systems

5 Benefits of Automating Key Management in Pharmaceutical Companies

Over the last decade, the pharmaceutical industry has seen overall growth, unexpected breakthroughs, sudden mergers, and just as sudden contractions. In such a turbulent market businesses are looking to create reliability wherever they can.
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asset management

Artificial Intelligence Trends in Security for 2018

2018 looks poised to be a breakout year for artificial intelligence (AI) in the security field. And it’s likely just the tip of the iceberg. Gartner Research anticipates the widespread adoption of AI technologies in core business areas across all sectors over the next 2-5 years.
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fleet management

New Solution Brings Flexibility to Fleet Management

As your vehicle fleet grows, so does its management overhead. Mundane tasks like updating maintenance logs, tracking vehicle availability, or even just knowing where all your keys at a given time can get quite complex.
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Key Control

Ameristar Casino Hotel Improves Key Control and Security

Ameristar Gains in Efficiency and Ensures That Stringent State Regulations are Met Pinnacle Entertainment properties are not strangers to automated key control and key management best practices, having implemented these many years ago. However, over the years, their initial experience with key control had shed light on opportunities for...
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Key Control

Electronic Access Control: A Computerized Gatekeeper

Plenty of folks have had the experience of being "buzzed" through a door. It happens like this: After checking your ID or recognizing your face, a receptionist presses a button. You hear a buzzing sound indicating that the door is now open. (And by the way, if you’ve never seen the old “door buzzer” skit with Carol Burnett and Tim Conway, open a...
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Access Control

Key Cabinets + CPTED Make Your Business a Harder Target

Except for the more garish super villains, criminals avoid the spotlight. Most prefer to operate in theaters where they can remain in the shadows and maintain a level of control.  Enter Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED is not a new sensor or camera. Rather, CPTED is a set of design principles intended to take the sense...
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Physical security

Make Your Physical Security Investment Bullet-Proof in 4 Steps

Many organizations design their security program from the perspective that it’s just another cost of doing business. Money you have to spend so the rest of the business can do its work in peace.
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