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Physical security

5 Steps to Create a Business Theft Prevention Plan

Every business eventually has to deal with theft. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed about this, though; it’s a manageable problem.
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electronic lockers

6 Ways Organizations Use Secure Locker Systems

Secure locker systems are deceptively powerful business tools. They can be used for much more than just secure storage, although they’re pretty good at that job, too.
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Risk mitigation

Manage Sick Workers Better With This 3-Stage Framework

Federal and local governments have issued a wide range of public health guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But it has largely been targeted at individuals. Guidance for businesses hasn’t been as forthcoming.
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smart locker systems

7 Must-Have Features for Secure Laptop Lockers

Laptops have been common equipment in business and education for decades. Over that time, many crucial workflows have come to depend on laptops always being ready and available. This had led to an explosion of secure laptop lockers on the market, all claiming to offer the best security and management.
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Temperature screening

Workplace Security Ideas to Safely Re-Open after Covid-19

As different parts of the world are planning to re-open their economies after a total lock-down lasting several weeks, organizations are facing an extreme amount of uncertainty. No one can predict the full outcome, but one outcome is certain: we will come out of this pandemic and we will need to be ready – but what do we need to be ready for? 
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Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Safety and Security Checklist [12 Vital Protections]

It is important to run a hotel security program that doesn’t compromise customer service. Some hotels see this as a challenge because they think security and customer service are at odds. But the right tools and business practices actually help you do both well. The business advisory firm Deloitte agrees that finding the right balance of customer...
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6 Ways to Improve Security on College Campuses

Higher education can be an intense experience not just for students, but also for the faculty and support staff. Building a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders can greatly improve academic outcomes.
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RFID devices

Active vs Passive RFID Technology: How to Choose the Right Tracking Tech

Determining which wireless tracking technology is the best for your needs can be difficult. There are so many different products on the market today, and every one seems to have its own special features and an acronym for a name. The difference between active vs. passive RFID is one common source of confusion.
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Key Control

Defining Your Key Control Program: 5 Steps for Businesses to Follow

Physical keys may not be high tech, but they’re a reliable and cost-effective way for businesses to secure their facilities. Good key management practices can save businesses time and money by eliminating key loss, preventing theft, and improving efficiency.
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emergency preparedness

Your Complete Checklist for Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

You may not be able to predict when emergencies will strike, but you can plan for them. In fact, developing an emergency preparedness plan is one of the most important strategic decisions a business can make. Taking a few simple steps today can save lives in the future and ensure your business's survival. Many jurisdictions have laws requiring a...
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