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9 Steps to Create a Comprehensive Key Control Policy

Today’s environment calls for heightened security and a comprehensive, holistic key control policy. The purpose of a key control policy is to keep property, and people private, safe, and secure. It...

Quick Start Guide to Protect Lone Workers

Most companies recognize the importance of workplace safety and have rigorous programs for it in place. However, many don’t yet have policies or controls to protect lone workers.

The Real Cost of Business Theft and 12 Ways to Prevent It

Theft is something companies of every size have to contend with. Of course, the specific nature of that theft will vary business-to-business, but there are important underlying patterns every company...

Law Enforcement Technology and the Future of Prison Systems

As we move further into the twenty-first century, public and private prison systems across North America are starting to think differently about how they handle the housing and rehabilitation of...

20 Ways a Key Management System Benefits Your Business

We’re living and working in an increasingly digital world. Mobile electronics are everywhere and are communicating with each other through the Internet of Things.

10 Benefits of Asset Tracking Using Smart Lockers

Tracking all of your tools, equipment, handheld electronics, and other assets becomes incredibly time-consuming as your company grows. Eventually, most companies add ‘equipment manager’ onto...