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Healthcare Equipment Management: Improving Operations with RFID Technology

The COVID pandemic upended strategic planning, administrative budgets, and operations at healthcare institutions worldwide. Years later, those institutions still need help finding new, optimal processes to deliver healthcare to communities. Many are considering new technological solutions for their medical equipment and inventory management as a...
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smart locker systems

A Guide to Better Patient Belongings Management in Healthcare Centers

The last thing you want your patients and their families worrying about is where they left their wallets, who has their important paperwork, or what happened to some especially cherished jewelry. But unfortunately, even when trips to healthcare centers are planned, families may not have adequately prepared for how to manage a patient’s belongings. 
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equipment tracking system

Stay Organized With EMT & Hospital Equipment Tracking

The healthcare system has been under severe strain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Budgets are tight, staff is stretched thin, and there just aren’t enough resources of any kind to go around. As a result, hospitals, EMS agencies, and other healthcare providers are looking for tools that can help relieve the pressure on their overworked personnel.
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