No Key Fobs were harmed in the making of this video.

There’s a Reason That Each KeyTracer RFID Key Fob Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee...

...It’s because we know they are designed to stand whatever kind of abuse you subject it to. For years, we have known that thanks to our RFID technology, our RFID Key Fobs don’t require cleaning and will never need servicing. We have known that thanks to our extremely rugged and durable design, our key fobs rarely have any replacement orders.
But we were curious, just how far could we push the strength and resilience of a KeyTracer Key Fob before it actually reached that breaking point. We knew the Fobs had no problem in day-to-day usage... but what about more extreme cases?
One of our customers, a Fortune 500 Company, agreed to volunteer one of their KeyTracer Key Fobs to undergo a series of gruelling torture tests. We gathered some heavy machinery laying around the warehouse and recruited some friendly employees to operate for us, and we set out to put the KeyTracer Key Fobs to the test. We decided to start slow with a a few heavy stomps from a heavy-duty steel toed boot.

The Stomp Test

The most common attack for a Key Fob to fall victim to. It can happen in all types off work environments from warehouse, to offices, to construction sites. This one was no sweat for the Key Fob... our testing showed it could survive multiple stomps without showing even a hint of any wear and tear.
Result: Success!

The Pallet Test

Rolling over a key fob with your pallet is a fairly common scenario in a factory or warehouse. You've  probably already guessed that the KeyTracer Key Fob handled the test of a fully-loaded pallet rolling over it, without any issue. But, that wasn’t good enough for us. To take things a step further, we lifted up and slammed the pallet down directly on the key fob. Once again, no scratches, no dents, no sign of any abuse!
Result: Success!

The Forklift Test

To be perfectly honest, we weren’t entirely sure how the key fob would stand underneath the immense weight of a 9000 lb. forklift driving over it. Perhaps this would be the test where we push the little key fob too hard... but of course there was only one way to know for sure! We placed the Key Fob directly in harms way, right in front of the forklift's front-right tire. And...
Well... to even our own surprise... the Key Fob miraculously survived the trial with ease, once again surviving the torture test completely unscathed.
Result: Success!
We were starting to run out of options. If the forklift couldn’t crush our poor little key fob… what other forms of torture could we possibly subject it to? That’s when we came across the scissor lift...
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The Scissor-Lift Test

A massive machine designed for lifting workers up several stories to work on things high above the ground, we kicked the machine into reverse and drove directly backward over the key fob.
The Key Fob fought back full force, jamming up the wheel and making the scissor lift drag and skip as it struggled to drive over the fob that was steadfast in it's duty of staying in one piece.
Watching the Fob drag along the warehouse floor underneath a massive Scissor-Lift... we were prepared for the worst. As we slowly approached, expecting to lean over a very broken and mangled key fob... we came upon a KeyTracer Key Fob that was once again... 100% intact.
Result: Success!
Though the Key Fob still looked great after undergoing various forms of abuse and torture, we had one final thing to test. While aesthetics count for a lot in this day and age, the most important thing we had to check was if the Key Fob still worked and it could be read by the KeyTracer Key Cabinet.
First, we presented the Key to the Smart Terminal... the light turned green and indicated the correct slot to return the key to. So far so good. We returned the fob to the correctly illuminated hole and--lo and behold--it worked perfectly! The system had no issues identifying the Key Fob and it continued to function completely normal. Count that as one more win in this round of testing.
Final Test Result: Success!
Turns out that nothing we had at our disposal was going to do any damage to the little Key Fob that could. We decided that the RFID Key Fob surpassed all expectations when it came to durability and toughness. It can be declared a true winner in this series of warehouse torture tests. How much more can a KeyTracer RFID Key Fob take before it bites the dust? For now, you'll just have to stay tuned for more extreme forms of torture in future videos!
KeyTracer key fobs are backed by a lifetime guarantee, because we're confident you will rarely have to replace them... if ever. Because they don't rely on direct contact, they don't need any cleaning or maintenance to keep them working. As you've learned today, there's a good chance they will never break in your day-to-day work.
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