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asset tracking

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Asset Tracking Tags

Using asset tracking tags can significantly improve how your company manages its equipment and other important assets. However, tags can’t do much by themselves. You need to put effective management technology and business processes in place around them; otherwise, they’re no more useful than a label.
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ways of preserving digital evidence

Preserving Digital Evidence the Right Way: Your 10-Step Guide

The storage and management of forensic evidence is an important part of the criminal justice system. Evidence management has also become a concern for private companies.
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iot based asset tracking system

What is an IoT-Based Asset Tracking System?

Companies in many different business sectors are implementing Internet of Things (IoT)-based asset tracking systems. They have a good reason. IoT-enabled tracking offers a great deal of value for organizations whose performance depends on the use of a large volume of mobile assets and equipment.
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Risk mitigation

Battle-Tested: 7 Access Control Best Practices

It's not if, but when your organization will suffer a security breach. Whether they’re large or small, or protecting from internal or external attacks, every organization must remain vigilant. Even the NSA, arguably the most secure US federal intelligence agency, failed to stop Edward Snowden from releasing an estimated 1.7 million sensitive...
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Law Enforcement

Weapon Storage Lockers: 7 Must-Have Features for High Security Environments

Smart storage systems are transforming how high-security organizations manage all types of different assets. That includes firearms and less-than-lethal weapons too. How can smart lockers help with weapons management? What are smart lockers anyway? And what should you look for if you want to purchase a smart weapon storage locker for your...
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security locker

6 Reasons Every Business Should Invest in Security Lockers

Securing and managing a large equipment inventory doesn’t need to be a headache. Instead of using manual tracking processes and standard security lockers, many businesses find that deploying the latest generation of smart lockers is a worthwhile investment.
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indoor location tracking system

6 Benefits of Using Indoor Tracking Systems to Protect People & Assets

Indoor location tracking systems are powerful technology with a broad range of potential applications. Using a network of transmitters and receivers, they can assemble a detailed picture of how your people and assets move through your facility in real time.
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enterprise mobile device security

5 Features to Look for in a Mobile Device Locker

Mobile electronics have become essential equipment in many business sectors. From consumer off-the-shelf electronics (COTS) to industry-specific handheld devices, you’ll see some kind of mobile device used in almost every business setting. All of these expensive, fragile electronics require reliable storage and management.
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enterprise mobile device security

10 Dos and Don'ts of Enterprise Mobile Device Security

Good enterprise mobile device security is about more than just securing individual pieces of equipment. Mobile devices connect to critical network resources and drive a large portion of how the global workforce operates. That means device security protects not only the equipment itself, but it also protects your company’s revenue and overall...
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laptop physical security

12 Best Practices for Physically Securing Laptops and Other IT Devices

Sometimes it feels like IT and physical security professionals are in a constant race to stay ahead of the latest challenges created by mobile technology. One day, attackers try to steal corporate laptops to use them as entry points into corporate networks. Next, they try remote attacks to compromise IoT physical infrastructure.
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