Falling behind carries greater risk when you work in the physical and cyber security sectors. You’ll cost your company money in other business disciplines if you’re out of step with the latest technology and trends. In security, peoples’ lives could be on the line.  

Fortunately, you don’t need to pore over dense trade journals night after night just to stay on top of the latest security trends. Today, more and more reliable information is available from podcasts. That is, as long as you know where to find the right ones. 

We wanted to help with that. So our security experts here at Real Time Networks put their heads together and compiled a list of some of the best podcasts dedicated to physical security, cybersecurity, and the intersection of the two. We’re sharing those with you here. 

Did we miss any good podcasts? Let us know, and happy listening!

Security Management

Host: Brendan Howard & ASIS Online editorial staff 

The Security Management podcast from ASIS provides expert interviews and information on many important industry topics. Host Brendan Howard interviews experts in the field, important security thought leaders, and editors from ASIS Online. They all bring unique, informed perspectives on the week's industry news.

The Security Podcasts

Host: Security Magazine editorial staff

The Security Podcasts cover a wide range of topics within the theme of enterprise security. Security leaders can stay updated on the latest hiring and retention practices, technologies, and get business advice. The podcast also features several regular specials, including the popular Cybersecurity and Geopolitical podcast. 

Check out this featured episode:

Analyzing the Top Data Breaches of 2022  

Postlight Podcast

Host: Gina Trapani and Chris LoSacco

Business leadership veterans Trapani and LoSacco bring on their colleagues to discuss technology, business, and executive leadership. They cover a broad range of business topics but place special emphasis on security and risk analysis. Every conversation you know will loop back to digital transformation and how business leaders need to adapt what they do and what they know to the rapidly changing technological landscape. 

Security in Focus

Host: IFSEC staff

Security in Focus brings you anything and everything security-related—from the latest physical security technologies, to best practices, to expert interviews on business initiatives like risk management and culture building. So no matter what you’re looking for in security content, Security in Focus is sure to have it. 

Security Now    

Host: Steve Gibson

This isn’t just any cybersecurity podcast. Host Steve Gibson is the man who coined the term ‘spyware’ and developed the first anti-spyware security software. He’s been in the cybersecurity trenches since the beginning and witnessed the ebb and flow of the discipline. With his co-host Leo Laporte, Steve dives into security topics in today’s headlines and the field's deep history to unearth trends that matter to us today and tomorrow. 

Check out this featured episode:

Security NOW Best of 2022  

Unsecurity: The Information Security Podcast 

Host: Oscar Minks and Brad Nigh

Unsecurity is a weekly infosec podcast focusing on how we can protect personal information in both physical and digital spaces. The hosts, Oscar and Brad, are business security professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. They bring a veteran perspective to cutting-edge security topics. 

Risky Business   

Hosts: Patrick Gray

Patrick is a veteran journalist and one of the few non-industry hosts on our list. He has extensive experience covering physical and cybersecurity matters, both of which are his passion. He brings in some of the best and brightest security experts to discuss current security matters, how they connect to wider market and political trends, and what those trends mean for our day-to-day business lives. 

Security Today

Host: “Uncle” Baer 

Security Today takes deep dives into an eclectic mix of current events in security. Host Baer digs into everything from new security philosophies to cutting-edge trends, successes, and high-profile failures. If you want to know what’s going on today and why, this is the security podcast for you. 

The Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast 

Host: Fred Burton

Large parts of our lives and society are shaped by singular security incidents of past decades, like terrorist attacks, public shootings, and other violent incidents. Host Burton is a former US State Department counterterrorism agent with a unique perspective on these events and their repercussions. In this podcast series, he digs into high-profile incidents, like the search for Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing, to see what they reveal about the past, present, and future of security. 

Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast  

Host: Steven Bowcut 

Brilliance Magazine explores the intersection of physical and cyber security. Their podcast, hosted by Steven Bowcut, takes their signature in-depth approach to audio form. It features interviews, product reviews, security-related news, and interesting security information from around the world. 

Check out this featured episode:

Zero Trust network access  

Cyber Security DE:CODED

Host: SE:Labs staff

SE Labs is a cybersecurity research firm that tests the effectiveness of software and hardware security countermeasures. Their podcast DE:CODED offers practical and insightful advice on how to conduct security in a networked world. Their experts discuss the latest tools and techniques that actually work for today’s physical and cyber security programs. 

Check out this featured episode:

Security testing like hackers  

Humans in Tech

Host: Leigh Dow  

Leigh explores today’s most transformative technologies and their impacts on security practices and people. She focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and other next-generation network technology. 

Check out this featured episode:

Architects, Consultants, and Engineers in Security  

Malicious Life  

Host: Ran Levi 

Malicious Life and its host Ran Levi dig deep into cybercrime and how it intersects with the real world. Who’s behind it? Where are they from? And how do they benefit? This podcast peels back the layers of the global cybercrime industry to reveal what makes it tick. 

Check out this featured episode:

How Netflix Learned Cloud Security  

Mnemonic Security Podcast

Host: Robby Peralta

Robby and the Mnemonic Security Podcast team bring you expert interviews with enterprise security experts who explain how they solved some of their most challenging problems and what they think the future holds for business security programs. These aren’t pie-in-the-sky discussions either. They discuss real problems and their solutions—topics like gap analysis, security budgeting, and system design. 

Check out this featured episode:

Smartphone security  

Safe Nation 

Host: Cpt. Nikki Renfroe 

Safe Nation focuses on “current events and honest data” in its security, law enforcement, and crime prevention discussions. Host Nikki Renfroe is a retired state trooper who uses her deep professional network to bring you interviews with security-minded professionals with unique perspectives. 

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