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fleet management

Police Fleet Management - Everything You Need to Know

Police fleet management is a complex process that can be both time and resource-intensive. Fleet managers have the difficult job of balancing maintenance schedules, vehicle availability, and officer safety, all while staying within prescribed policies and budgets.
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Physical security

Everything You Need to Know About Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

What is enterprise asset management? Enterprise asset management (EAM) is the practice of optimizing asset utilization and maintaining an asset’s condition throughout its lifecycle in your organization. The goals of EAM are to boost productivity, reduce operating expenses, and increase asset availability. Enterprise asset management systems exist...
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Physical security

[Definition] What is Physical Security?

What is physical security? The definition of physical security Physical security is the discipline for protecting an organization’s real-world assets, such as people, property, real estate, IT infrastructure, vehicles, and merchandise. If an asset’s loss or compromise would harm your operations, you must protect it with physical security measures....
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Building security

Top 10 Mistakes in Enterprise Security Strategy Planning

An effective enterprise security strategy relies on various access control and security technologies, effective policies, and well-trained personnel. Getting all of those components working together requires careful planning and execution.
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key management

NERC Compliance: The Role of Asset and Key Management Systems

Electricity has been essential for over a century in major North American cities. It has been used in even the most remote rural regions for over fifty years. It only took a few decades for governments and those electrical utilities to realize just how essential this one-time novel service had become to businesses and citizens everywhere.
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employee accountability

Protect Your Bottom Line with Employee Accountability Tracking

Fostering employee accountability is one of the most worthwhile initiatives an organization can make. It is not just about mitigating negative problems like losses and internal theft. Improving employee accountability for how they work and what they use has far-reaching implications that can make the difference between business growth and...
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How to Manage Toolkits Efficiently in Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Warehouses and distribution centers are people-powered operations. Workers clamor to receive shipments, organize pallets and bins, and pick orders for delivery. But just because they’re people-powered operations doesn’t mean their equipment is unimportant.
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