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Physical security

Equipment Management Systems Automate Time-Consuming Work

Businesses large and small are looking for ways to streamline their slow, inefficient administrative tasks. And tracking business equipment is one of the most tedious and error-prone administrative tasks there is.
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Best Practices for Managing Warehouse Scanners

Modern warehouses and distribution centers are hives of activity. Workers, inventory, and equipment buzz around in a non-stop dance to get orders on the road. Hopefully, on time.
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Hotels & Resorts

Managing Electronic Devices With a Hotel Equipment Management System

By its very nature, the hospitality industry is constantly searching for ways to improve the customer experience. Quicker sign-ins, improved staff workflows, and personalized experiences for each customer are all ways hotels aim to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive industry.
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Law Enforcement

How Smart Lockers Are Used For Law Enforcement Equipment Management

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) everywhere are searching for new ways to manage the growing quantities of electronics, PPE gear, police weapons, and other assets essential to their work. They’re not just worried about time management for their administrative staff. The safety of officers could be on the line if the right personnel do not have the...
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asset management

Make Asset Management Better With an Equipment Tracking System

Locker systems are excellent tools for managing equipment. And the “smarter” your lockers get, the more effective they become. Adding content surveillance to your equipment tracking system is an excellent way to improve its effectiveness.
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equipment tracking system

Stay Organized With EMT & Hospital Equipment Tracking

The healthcare system has been under severe strain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Budgets are tight, staff is stretched thin, and there just aren’t enough resources of any kind to go around. As a result, hospitals, EMS agencies, and other healthcare providers are looking for tools that can help relieve the pressure on their overworked personnel.
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asset lockers

Manage Firefighter Tools The Easy Way

Most civilians don’t appreciate just how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep fire departments organized and ready. The firefighting heroics in movies and on TV shape their perceptions. They don’t see the long hours of complex and sometimes just plain tedious work necessary to make sure every apparatus and every piece of equipment is ready...
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