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KeyTracer is the world’s most reliable key tracking system that delivers all the tools you need to improve key control in one powerful and sophisticated feature-rich solution. With KeyTracer, you get complete control over every key in your possession, enabling you to secure your facilities and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to buildings, vehicles, and valuables.

5 Different sizes of cabinets to accommodate your needs.

RFID Key Fob - Guaranteed for life - No cleaning or maintenance required. 100% accurate and reliable key tracking.

Easily store and track your keys. Illuminated key slots tell users which keys to take and where to return them.

Customize your system with a variety of key modules to fit your needs.

Tamper-proof secure key rings available in different sizes. Options and accessories to fit your needs.

Instantly record and track who took or returned which key, and when.

AssetTracer - Asset Management and Tracking Solutions

AssetTracer is an intelligent storage solution that enables you to securely store and track your valuable items—including electronics, weapons, evidence, and other sensitive assets. With AssetTracer, you can prevent asset loss and misplacement while controlling access, automating a full audit trail, and ensuring compliance.

Easily store and track sensitive or valuable assets.

Our AssetTracer Intelligent Lockers can be customized to fit your needs.

Only authorized users can take or deposit assets. Multiple authentication methods available.

Different compartment sizes and door types to fit your needs.

Our lockers come with multiple door options.

Biometric authentification options.

RTN Workplace Safety logo

RTN Safety Solutions use real-time location technology to keep employees, contractors, and visitors safe during day-to-day operations, guided tours, and emergency situations.

Keep your employees and visitors safe with our Employee Safety Solutions.

Our Employee Safety Solutions have a variety of badges and other tracking options.

Easily and rapidly identify personnel at risk during an emergency and get their exact location.

Keep your employees safe in this uncertain time with easy-to-submit health questionnaires.

Our employee's touchless temperature reading devices come to fit your needs.

We have a variety of real time location technologies to easily track and manage your facility's employee's and visitor's access.

Today’s leading organizations rely on Real Time Networks to protect their keys, assets, and people—within and beyond the perimeter of their facilities.

monitor with precision
Monitor with precision

Use RFID technology to monitor keys, assets, and people with high accuracy and reliability.

increased productivity
Increase productivity

Save time searching for people and things and reinvest it in other important areas of operations.

reduced expenses
Reduce expenses

Increase efficiency across daily operations to keep costs under control.

integrate with other systems
Integrate with other systems

Extend your investment by connecting your RTN solution to access control, telematics, help desk, and other legacy systems.

protect your keys and assets
Protect your keys and assets

Eliminate loss and theft of keys and assets to avoid costly rekeying and procurement processes.

monitor multiple sites
Monitor multiple sites

Get a bird’s-eye view of keys, assets, and people across multiple facilities, fleets, and sites.

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