Real Time Networks collaborated with the SMC Sheriff’s Office to install AssetTracer and KeyTracer lockers at headquarters and bureaus across the County. The process included detailed assessments of station floor plans, electric wiring, and other design constraints. Despite scheduling conflicts, the rollout was adapted without adversely affecting the wider deployment.​


The new system resulted in:

  1. Greater administrative efficiency 
  2. Flexibility in equipment management across the County 
  3. Improved accountability with detailed reports about equipment usage 
  4. Critical damage and fault tracking
  5. Full automation of the sign-out and return process

The AssetTracer system also provided daily reports to supervisors, ensuring immediate awareness of any equipment issues. The attached KeyTracer cabinet allowed for efficient vehicle servicing reports.


The implementation of the AssetTracer and KeyTracer systems enabled the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office workforce to do their jobs more efficiently. The customized solution met their unique needs, including remote unlock features and two-factor authentication. The RTN system enhanced police operations without forcing unnecessary changes, making their existing workflow even better.


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