Streamline security and boost efficiency by integrating key management and asset locker systems with your existing access control or other system.

Reduce administration, maximize insight and optimize processes

AMAG logoAMAG Symmetry Integration


Our integration with AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management Software streamlines security and eliminates the need to program KeyTracer users who are already in the Symmetry system. Symmetry cardholder information and access permissions are synchronized with the KeyTracer system to determine access to the key management systems and electronic asset lockers. Event data is transmitted back to Symmetry using the XML Open Integration Module.

lenel onguard logoLENEL OnGuard Integration

With this integration, your OnGuard system can manage access to your business keys and physical assets, such as laptops, tablets, radios, PDAs and weapons, in addition to your access control and other integrated systems. This integration gives you seamless day-to-day operation of our key and asset management solutions. Administrators can now automatically enroll OnGuard users into the RTNHub database, assign user Access Levels for access to KeyTracer cabinets and AssetTracer lockers, and receive events and alarms back into OnGuard for centralized control.

Genetec logoGENETEC Security Center

*Security Center Supported Version: Security Center 5.4 SR3 and later versions 

With the Real Time Networks integration, extend the capabilities of Security Center to include asset and key management, alongside access control and video surveillance. Efficiency and security are enhanced as organizations ensure critical assets are utilized by the right person at the right time and that they are returned on time. 

When integrated to Security Center, organizations can monitor KeyTracer events in real-time, consolidating key management with other security applications. 

Security Center's KeyTracer plugin improves security by helping users and operators visually identify cardholders associated to key management events. Daily administrative tasks such as assigning privileges, and scheduling and creating reports are also available. All this is possible by assigning access rights to assets secured by KeyTracer to Security Center cardholders.

ccure 9000 logoC•Cure 9000 Integration

With this integration, security administrators can easily assign access to assets such as weapons cabinets, vehicle keys, or specific rooms, based on C•CURE clearance assignments, and then closely monitor the whereabouts of those keys or assets through C•CURE. All KeyTracer events are reported in the C•CURE journal like any other hardware, giving operators a one-stop place to review important information related to lost or missing keys, in order to quickly mitigate any security concerns.

The integration between the KeyTracer software and the C•CURE 9000 CrossFire Service creates a single Physical Access Control System beyond door access and video: adding keys and assets to the single PACS installation.


With our integration to S2, Real Time Networks gives you seamless day-to-day operation of our key and asset management solutions. Administrators can now automatically enroll S2 users into the RTNHub database and assign Access Levels for access to KeyTracer cabinets and AssetTracer lockers. 

For integrated enterprise-level organizations, our S2 integration allows for effective and efficient management, without adding any burden to your global, top-level security administration. Real Time Networks puts total control right where you need it, giving your keys and assets the potential to help drive your most critical processes.

vzc-logo-450x180Verizon Networkfleet

The Real Time Networks Networkfleet Integration Software facilitates the automatic assignment and un-assignment of vehicles based the driver’s key fob acquisition at the security key cabinet.

The RTN Networkfleet Reporter is a web application that serves as the front-end tool for collecting and displaying all the transactional data that the integration system has performed. As a component of one of it’s integration modules, the dashboard provides a front-end solution for the user to set custom preferences that aids in the operation of the Networkfleet Integration Services and system.

The integration solves the need of having to coordinate the assignment and un-assignment of vehicles and provides a real-time solution for driver and vehicle monitoring within Networkfleet.

ActiveDirectoryActive Directory

With our integration to Active Directory, organizations can extend their single sign-on system to efficiently manage keys and assets, making administration effortless.

Our Active Directory integration is all about automating the administration tasks for an organization. 

Real Time Networks system users are easily populated from AD user accounts, and access permissions can be assigned at the user level, or assigned to a specific user group. User authentication can be achieved by using existing access card credentials, employee ID number, PIN or even via a fingerprint reader.

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